Oak Island's Cursed Treasure

Video: Oak Island's Cursed Treasure

Video: Oak Island's Cursed Treasure
Video: The Curse of Oak Island: EARTH-SHATTERING DISCOVERY of 1700s Relic (Season 9) 2023, March
Oak Island's Cursed Treasure
Oak Island's Cursed Treasure

All stories about ancient treasures, as a rule, end in a rather monotonous way: they are either found or not. But this is not at all the case with this story, which recently turned 210 years old.


On the east coast of Canada, there is the Nova Scotia Peninsula. In one of the bays that cut the coast of the peninsula - Mahon Bay - there is a small Oak Island. Then, in 1795, only curious boys visited it. Adults were afraid to land on Oak: many saw strange flames, flickering lights and even someone's ghost. Old-timers assured that it was the spirit of one of the pirates killed in ancient times walking. But such a story only fueled the curiosity of 12-year-old Daniel McGinnis and his other friends.

Once, going deeper into an oak grove, the boys stumbled upon the largest of the oak trees. The tackles of an old sailboat hung from a thick branch, pulled down by a heavy block. The ground just under such an original arrow sank, indicating that someone had already dug here! This means that there is nothing but someone's treasure here, the boys decided and continued excavations.

At a shallow depth, the treasure hunters stumbled upon a layer of hewn flat stones. But under it, not chests of gold were opened, but a whole mine, going about four meters deep. Several picks and shovels lay in the mud at the bottom of the mine.

Excavations continued … Soon a log overlap was discovered, behind which the mine began again. Such a scale of work was no longer possible for the guys, and the superstitious adults refused to visit the "damned" island.

McGinnis reappeared on the island only nine years later, bringing with him like-minded treasure hunters. But the treasure did not want to be given in hands: the mine went incredibly deep. At a depth of nine meters a layer of coal went, 12 meters - a layer of clay, at a depth of 15 to 18 meters there were layers of coconut fibers, then again clay, obviously not of local origin, went. All layers at regular intervals were covered with platforms of oak logs. Finally, the first significant find was raised from a depth of 25 meters: a flat stone with a coded inscription! (In 1904, many years later, the stone mysteriously disappeared from the vault. But a copied copy of the inscription remained.)

When the diggers went 27 meters deep, water began to flow into the mine. Finally, the treasure hunters poked at the bottom with a probe: it entered the ground by one and a half meters and came across something solid of small size. But the next morning, the mine was almost brimming with water.

In the 60s of the XIX century, the most modern equipment for those times was pulled up to the mysterious mine: steam pumps, dredgers, drilling units. Many holes appeared around her. And although the treasure was never found, they found a whole system of tunnels and water conduits underground. One of them, as it turned out, went directly to the sea! But the water from the underground galleries could not be pumped out even after this tunnel was closed.

1896 brought another surprise. In a mine at a depth of 38 meters, the drill came across a very strong metal. I had to overcome the obstacle with carbide drills lowered on the drill rod. Further … there was emptiness.

At a depth of 48 meters, a layer of concrete, paved with oak planks, has gone. There was some kind of soft metal under it! Gold? Nobody knows this: not a grain of metal stuck to the drill. But once a piece of parchment with clearly visible letters w and i was raised to the surface. This was, of course, nothing compared to the expectations of the treasure hunters.

In the twentieth century, expeditions rained down on the island like a horn of plenty. They took place in 1909, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1938, 1955, 1960. All ended with almost nothing. In vain, the most powerful dredgers sucked tons of liquid mud from the mine, and dozens of bulldozers turned everything around. Every now and then people died in the excavations, poisoned by exhaust gases or drowned in the omnipresent mud.

Since 1965, businessman Daniel Blankenship has worked for Oak. Only six years later, he was able to prove that there is something more grandiose and mysterious on this island than some hypothetical treasures.

Some unknown intuition, as he later assured, forced him to start re-drilling in a well located 60 meters from the mine, and use a 70-centimeter casing pipe. At a depth of 54 meters, the drill ran into rock. And … Blankenship ordered to drill further! After 18 meters of rocks, emptiness began. It was a completely inexplicable mystery.

Soon a television camera was lowered into the well. A clear picture appeared on the screen in front of the shocked treasure hunters: a huge cavity filled with water, clearly of artificial origin. In the middle was a hefty chest - perhaps a treasure chest. But this was not what shocked the researchers. A human hand, once severed at the wrist, was floating right in front of the lens. At the bottom lay a skull …

The 70-centimeter casing pipe quite allowed a person to go down himself. Blankenship several times sank into the bowels of Oak with scuba diving, but to no avail: the slightest movement in a mysterious cavity - and everything is covered with clouds of silt. Even the most powerful lighting devices did not help. But what he could see allowed him to say at the press conference: “This thing is grander than anything you can imagine … What is under the island leaves behind any theory. All theories or legends fade in the light of what I guess. And the pirates have nothing to do with … Captain Kidd is a boy compared to those who actually dug tunnels here. They were much more significant than all the pirates of all time put together."

Today Daniel Blankenship still lives on the island, but even former business partners do not risk dating him. This is dangerous to health: a slightly crazy businessman attacks everyone who comes to "his" island with a gun in his hands.

In spite of everything, to this day, even a gram of gold has not been mined from the bowels of Oak, although some claim that the expedition of 1865 allegedly lifted something from the adit they pierced at an angle to the mine and immediately dismissed all the workers. And it's hard to assume that for the sake of the treasure someone could have done such a monstrous work for many years - to lay all these underground tunnels.

So was there a treasure? And who was the builder? And why, although the island today looks like after shelling, it was not possible to wrest the secret from its gloomy depths?

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