The Psychology Of The Evil Eye

Video: The Psychology Of The Evil Eye

Video: The Psychology Of The Evil Eye
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The Psychology Of The Evil Eye
The Psychology Of The Evil Eye
Evil eye psychology - look, evil eye
Evil eye psychology - look, evil eye

The people have such a concept as "bad", Spoilage black eye etc., in fact this is the case. Let's see what it is?

Why is the concept of "evil" or "black" eye so stable among the people? It is widespread in civilized countries and among semi-savage tribes, almost everywhere throughout Europe, in remote corners of Asia, in the African jungle among the American Indians and even in Madagascar, which is cut off from the continent. A person fell ill with an incomprehensible disease, chickens stopped rushing, cattle died - they saw the result of the evil eye in everything.

And these beliefs are at least four thousand years old. Superstition? Ridiculous prejudices? And here's another question: why the evil eye is called the "evil eye" among various peoples? And do the eyes have anything to do with all this? Let's take a look at history for an answer.

The ancients considered the eyes as a window through which the soul enters the body and leaves it. And they were also convinced that in the same way people can exchange with each other "good" and "evil" spirits (demons) that live inside a person. And in the Bible we can read: “The lamp for the body is an eye. So, if your eye is clean, then your whole body will be bright; if the eye is bad, then your whole body will be dark."

The "magical gaze" is well known in the animal kingdom. Especially among the snakes. The French naturalist Levollan more than once had the opportunity to verify this in the jungles of India. So, in one case, his attention was attracted by the strange behavior of a spotted woodpecker. Sitting on a tree, he screamed wildly and writhed in convulsions.

The reason became clear at once: at a distance of a meter from him, a rather large snake was located on a branch. Without moving, she stared at the bird with her sparkling eyes. The unequal "duel" ended quickly: the woodpecker fell from the tree dead. Upon examination, not the slightest damage was found. More than once Levollan witnessed how frogs froze from the snake gaze. But one day he himself fell under the influence of such a look.

While hunting in the swamp, he suddenly felt an unusual tremor all over his body. At the same time, he felt that, against his will, he was drawn to a place where he had absolutely no intention of going. When he approached him, he found a huge snake at a distance of three meters from him, staring at him. It took a natural scientist enormous efforts in a semi-paralyzed state to raise a gun and shoot at the "hypnotist." And only after that the mysterious spell was dispelled.

The look of some people also has unusual properties. In his book "The Mysterious and Incomprehensible" (1904) I. Kupchinsky told about one of his Crimean acquaintances, who, passing by the chickens, was even forced to close his eyes, since the chickens, for some unknown reason or how, were dying.

And here is a recent case that took place in Bishkek. A preparatory class teacher from one of the schools told about him. At the drawing lesson, one of the kids snatched a jar of gouache from his neighbor Vicki. No, she did not rush to the offender, did not cry. She just gazed at his hand.

And suddenly the mischief with a cry dropped the paint. The teacher who ran up was amazed: a bubble swelled on the child's wrist, as if from a burn. "How did she burn you?" “With eyes,” the baby roared.

Six-year-old Vika does not differ in any way from her peers: calm, obedient girl, light pigtails, shining eyes. But when she, squinting at them, at the request of the researcher, looked closely at his hand, he felt a rather sensitive "prick".

“Most likely,” says psychotherapist Y. Pak, “Vika gives a strong telepathic signal that inspires a person that he is hot.”

This version is indirectly confirmed by the story of her mother, Elena Genrikhovna: “Vika started talking late, at the age of three. True, the family somehow understood her without words: if she wants to drink, you see, someone is already carrying water."

So, is the evil eye based on telepathy? But then what does the eye have to do with it?

In the 15th century, two monks-inquisitors J. Sprenger and G. Institoris wrote their famous book The Hammer of the Witches, which became fatal for many innocent people. Along with obscurantism, this treatise contains many subtle observations. For example, this one concerning the evil eye.

“It may happen that a man or woman, casting a glance at the body (of a person), makes some changes in it with the help of an evil eye, imagination or sensual passion … The power of imagination is easily reflected in the eyes due to their sensitivity and the proximity of the center of imagination to the senses. If the eyes are full of harmful properties, it can happen that they impart bad qualities to the surrounding air. Through the air, they reach the eyes (of the person they are looking at) and through them reach his internal organs …"

From the standpoint of modern knowledge, not only medieval treatises are perceived in a new way, but also the statements of researchers of the last century. In particular, that most easily energy from a person flows out from the fingertips and through the eyes.

That the physiological processes of the body, the mental activity of a person, his emotional life are accompanied by the radiation of so-called "subtle" energies, including from the eyes. And these invisible radiations affect other people. Usually soft, but sometimes they are like dagger strikes. How does a person radiate them?

The mechanism of radiation from the eyes has not yet been studied, but science has come close to explaining it. In 1962, during the scientific "thaw", the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine published an interesting book - "Biological radio communication". Dedicated to one of the most confusing questions of biology - the transmission of thought over a distance - the book immediately became a bibliographic rarity.

Its author, radiophysicist B. Kazhinsky, devoted many years to the study of telepathy and mental interaction at a distance. Pushed him to research his acquaintance with the famous trainer V. L.

And what is characteristic, Durov attached decisive importance in his experiments to the power of the human gaze. Especially a gaze directed into the eyes of an animal or, as he said, "somewhere deeper than the eyes, into the brain of an animal."

Here, for example, what experiment Durov demonstrated to scientists in his menagerie on February 21, 1914. The members of the commission asked the trainer to mentally inspire the lion with the Prince to attack the lioness who was peacefully lying in the far corner of the cage. The famous trainer was against such a cruel experience, but "for the sake of scientific truth" was forced to go for this experiment.


Looking into the eyes of the lion standing calmly in front of him, he vividly imagined how the lioness Princess creeps up to a piece of meat supposedly lying in front of the Prince, and that her yellow paw with extended claws is about to touch him.

The members of the commission did not have time to figure out anything yet, when the lion roared, rushed at the lioness and bit her. The animals instantly merged into one huge tangle, the cage reeled and buzzed from the blows of their bodies. Excitement did not leave the lion for a long time, he even severely wounded the servant who was next to the lattice with his paw. Reassured Prince Durov. And again with a look.

“The lion walked restlessly up and down the cage. I walked over and caught his eye. His eyes glowed with a green phosphoric light. Here he lay down. I continue to gaze at the lion without stopping, mentally caressing him, moving the Prince's mane with my fingers, scratching behind his ear, and all mentally. He mewed softly: "Miyau-miyau" - licked his lips and half closed his eyes …"

History has preserved a lot of evidence of such an impact of the human gaze. So, Padzor, an English actor, on a bet of five thousand pounds, with a glance stopped and put to flight a pack of dogs, which were specially set on him. From the impact of his gaze, the dogs were seized by panic, and they rushed scatteringly, managing to bite each other, and at the same time the spectators. After this bloody performance, games of this kind were banned throughout the UK.

In the 1920s, VL Durov repeatedly demonstrated to B. Kazhinsky, then a young scientist, how, under the gaze of people, animals performed mental suggestions or fell into a state of tetanus. And, interestingly, it was noticed: if you take your eyes even slightly away from the pupils of the animal, it immediately "comes to its senses."

By the way, one hunter also said that under the gaze of his setter, quails and partridges freeze and cannot fly away.

But they get out of this state as soon as the dog turns away or simply looks away. On the basis of such observations, B. Kazhinsky many decades ago made the assumption that there are some "rays of sight", which are narrow beams of bioradiation radiation from the brain.

Later, this hypothesis was largely confirmed, although with some clarifications: it is hardly possible to speak about the purely electromagnetic nature of bioradiation. In this case, metal screens would block the transmission of mental information, and this does not always happen. However, there is evidence that various geometric shapes (prisms, pyramids) are capable of deflecting these rays according to laws that are not yet fully understood by science.

And water, "magnetizing" from the "rays of sight", can partially remember the information they carried, and even create a so-called "odic shadow" behind the vessel, where the influence of the "rays of sight" decreases. An ancient omen looks interesting then: the effect of a witchcraft spell disappears if water flows between the one who is exposed to the evil eye and the sorcerer.

Much is still at the stage of research and hypotheses, but the fact remains: human bioradiation radiation exists and is capable of affecting the energy of other biological objects (people, animals, plants). The consequences of such an impact can be very different: from the harmonization of internal processes (extrasensory treatment) to their violation - involuntary (evil eye) or conscious (damage).


The gaze of a person on the verge of death often carries tremendous emotional power that can harm those they are looking at. This is what caused the tradition of blindfolding those sentenced to death. It is believed that the eyes of the deceased remain very dangerous. Therefore, they are in a hurry to close them tightly, and even sometimes coins are put on the eyelids for insurance.

Since ancient times, there have been cases when people died from someone else's gaze. Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) spoke about this almost two thousand years ago. The famous traveler of the 20th century, Dumont, who returned from Asia, also spoke about the facts of killing with a glance. And not only he …

Here is a story that happened in India in the 80s of the last century, and a high-ranking official managed to tell about it before his strange death. During the hunt, he and his friends killed an elephant and then only remembered that he had not taken a special knife for cutting fangs with him. Leaving the servants to guard the elephant from wild animals, the British went to the nearest plantation for a knife, deciding at the same time to have breakfast there.

When they returned two hours later, they found a strange picture: frightened servants were hiding in the bushes, and several dirty little savages carved precious fangs from their trophy. The indignant owner ordered the dwarfs to get away. But they only laughed impudently in response.

The servants flatly refused to drive them out:

“These are mullu-kurumbas. To touch them is certain death … "-" What nonsense? " - and the furious tall, in his prime, the man in a rage grabbed the leader of the kurumba by the hair, threw him to the ground and hit him several times with a whip. "The dwarf quickly jumped to his feet, but to my surprise he did not run away, but continued to look at me, not taking his eyes off … From the look of this reptile, I literally felt nausea …"

This strange condition, however, did not prevent the arrogant Englishman from making fun of the frightened servants who were muttering something about the "snake's eye". He continued to make fun of these "stupid and superstitious" people all evening.

And the next day, the official, who usually got up very early, barely woke up by noon. In the evening, my right hand was very painful. The one that he had so famously whipped the "vile dwarf" the day before. And on the third day he took to bed altogether: he was seized by an incomprehensible weakness and some strange fatigue in all limbs. “It’s like lead is injected into me instead of blood,” he complained to those close to him.

Doctors could not detect any disease. And the state, meanwhile, was getting worse: the appetite disappeared, insomnia began to torment. A healthy, ruddy, athletic man turned into a skeleton in four days. On the ninth day he lost his tongue, and on the thirteenth he died.

From what? There is no need to talk about self-hypnosis: until the last hours of his life, he did not believe in any savage superstitions. Accident? But local folklore abounded with stories of such accidents …

The great leader of the Christian Church, philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas spoke of the fact that the gaze of evil people is poisonous and corrupts. He was convinced that the eyes "through special radiation infect the air at a considerable distance."

How you sometimes want to incinerate the culprit of your troubles with a glance! But … the negative energy that escaped at the same time, after some time, will definitely start working against you. The fact is that a two-way connection is established between one's own brain and the brain of the enemy, and all the bad things that excite in him, through this connection, will return back, but reinforced by unkind emotions.

And why should we be surprised at the malaise and sores: they themselves were called upon … The advice is simple: if you cannot control your mental state, close your eyes and let your emotions cool down. The look is a serious weapon. In the East, there is even a whole science dealing with the education of the gaze - "Tramaka Yoga".

But the energy of the gaze is truly miraculous when it is aimed at helping others. Especially if it is a "strong" look. The well-known collector of Russian folklore and folk beliefs YP Mirolyubov spoke about one of his good acquaintances - a fisherman from the Sea of Azov. Kasyan, as he was called, had not only a "strong", but also a "kind" eye. With a glance, he removed a toothache, patients from the evil eye in one or two sessions completely healed.

However, even without having such powerful abilities, you can do a lot of useful things. By sending a kind look along with encouraging thoughts, you can support not only your loved ones, but also strangers: on the bus, on the street, in the store. They may not understand what they did for them. But there is no need to wait for gratitude and spare efforts: everything good in this world returns a hundredfold.

Let's return to the essence of the problem under consideration: what is the basis of the evil eye? And we will give the story of one patient who turned to a psychological consultation.

“One autumn evening my distant relative Valentina and her friend Nina dropped by to visit us. We sat, talked, sat down to supper, not without a pile. In the conversation, they touched on the topic of the evil eye, then Nina says that she knows how to make the evil eye.

My wife reacted indifferently to this, my son was asleep, and I, armed with the most advanced Marxist-Leninist philosophy and my specialty - electronics, sarcastically over the stupidity and ignorance of the masses, over the manifestations of pagan beliefs, complaining about their vitality. The guests left, we went to bed calmly.

But the next day, after dinner, my wife had a severe attack of abdominal pain. An ambulance was called, my wife was taken to the hospital, the pain increased, painkillers did not help. Suspicions of appendicitis immediately disappeared, since this operation was performed ten years ago. By the evening, the question arose about the operation, since the danger of peritonitis was great. At 21.00, the wife was put on the operating table, the abdominal cavity was opened, several surgeons felt the entire intestine, but found nothing.

The doctors' prestige was shaken, but they sewed up the stomach without touching anything, thanks to them. After the operation, the wife was soon discharged in a satisfactory condition. And the memory of that autumn dinner with Valya and Nina remained - a scar on my body 20 cm long. My views were shaken, and now I speak about superstition and occultism with greater caution."

Are there any real grounds for such effects by dowsing methods? Studies have shown that the human gaze (and any living creature) is accompanied by the emission of telluric (torsional, microlepton, etc.) energy in the form of a thin beam with a diameter approximately equal to the diameter of a not very thick pencil, and this radiation can be recorded by the dowsing method at a distance of up to 10 m from the eyes.


If a plate made of a material that does not transmit the energy of the gaze is placed in the path of these rays, then a standing wave of telluric radiation will be established between this plate (we will call it shielding) and the eye.

Recall that we can get an idea of a standing wave if we pour water into a basin, let it calm down and drip water from a cup into this basin from above.

Small ripples are formed in the basin, as if representing standing waves, in contrast to traveling waves, which diverge, for example, in a puddle when stones are thrown into it. By the type of standing waves, you can determine the parameters of the source of their excitation.

In particular, the standing waves of gaze energy can be used to determine the size of the brain structure that emits energy. She turned out to be in the range of 30-38 mm in an adult man. Further dowsing measurements using a relatively simple technique showed that the human brain has a functional system of two spherical reflectors (similar to the reflectors of automobile headlights), focusing the telluric energy of the brain on the area of the holes in the skull through which the optic nerves pass. Further, this energy comes out of the eyes in the form of two cylindrical rays.

So, the material basis for the energetic interaction of the gaze with the biofield of another person exists. To this should be added the discovered fact of the existence of many field counterparts-phantoms in each person. These energy-informational twins are located in two mutually perpendicular planes - in the frontal plane and the plane of symmetry of the human body.

Any interactions of any biofield double of a person with any biofield twin of another person are not indifferent to the biofield state of each of the people participating in this interaction.

It only remains to consider the various possible variants of this mutual influence. Here it is also necessary to note the fact that the gaze, according to this system, not only radiates (otherwise it locates space and objects), but also receives the fields of the surrounding living environment. Everyone can remember how he intercepted the look that is angry, then bewildered, then admiring, loving gaze of the mother, the devoted gaze of the dog, etc.

As for the effect of the evil eye, it should also be said that there are people with increased or very powerful gaze energy who, willingly or unwittingly, can affect the weakened field of the sick person or the still weak field of the child and harm them, distorting the normally functioning biofield.

Methods for neutralizing such an impact are still available only to individual healers using the centuries-old experience of the people. These techniques must be studied by translating them from the language of occult techniques into the language of psychological techniques. To this we can add that the cases of diseases due to energy-informational influences are not more frequent, and not more, than other other diseases.

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