Who Are We And Where Did We Come From?

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Video: Who Are We And Where Did We Come From?

Video: Who Are We And Where Did We Come From?
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Who Are We And Where Did We Come From?
Who Are We And Where Did We Come From?
Who are we and where did we come from? - human, evolution, Hyperbreia
Who are we and where did we come from? - human, evolution, Hyperbreia

With the light hand of Charles Darwin, people have long recognized themselves as an improved version of the monkey. If we assume that we are primates, then it should be noted that we, the only of this biological species, have legs longer than arms. We pay for this with back pain and shifts in the spine. And yet, unlike monkeys, a person has a sparse hairline of the surface of the body and subcutaneous fat.


Homo sapiens is the only primate in the world with such a large brain and canines of the same length as the rest of the teeth. In addition, the only one who is characterized by bradycardia, that is, an automatic slowdown of the heartbeat in water. A person speaks solely through the ability to consciously control his breathing and, thus, modulate the sounds of speech.

Attempts by enthusiasts to teach monkeys to speak were unsuccessful due to their inability to control their breathing. The difference from hairy "relatives" is that we do not have seasonal mating, like other primates. In addition, a person has an elongated genitals and protruding breasts.

According to the version put forward by scientists in 1960, the design of human genitals can be explained by the fact that our distant ancestors, like seals, led a semi-aquatic lifestyle, since they are of a different design in the monkeys we are used to.


A relatively recent fashion has emerged: women are encouraged to give birth in water. Such childbirth is much easier and, in addition, a child born in such conditions becomes much more resistant to any disease. Apparently, in this case, the aquatic environment acts positively, since it is more natural for humans. Therefore, the assumptions that humanity once led an aquatic lifestyle may have real ground.


The water theory is also supported by the fact that, according to the calculations of experts, the skeleton of any land animal should be at least three times stronger. Anyone who lives in an aquatic environment does not need a particularly strong skeleton. But we, the descendants who have moved to land, are paying for this change with frequent injuries when jumping, falling and hitting. At the same time, there are no varieties of monkeys in nature that lead a predominantly aquatic lifestyle.


Having doubted our relationship with monkeys, scientists began to look for other relatives in the animal kingdom. For example, US biologists have discovered a great genetic similarity between a human cell and a gray rat cell. The similarity was so clear that it allowed them to conclude: the rat and man had common ancestors! The behavior of rats and humans is also sometimes striking in similarities.

Rats are smart, quick-witted, quickly learn and apply the acquired skills in life (for example, it is enough for one rat to eat a poisoned bait and die, as the whole flock begins to ignore the most tempting treats). Rat flocks are very closed and recognize only their own, strangers, that is, stray rats, they simply gnaw. The rat populations have something very reminiscent of a social organization, moreover, of an authoritarian, even fascist nature.

At the top of each society is a strong male - the dominant, commanding a harem of females and a pair of substitutes, somewhat inferior to him in strength. Below - disenfranchised pariahs who are not even entitled to their own nests. The right to have a female is a reward "from the authorities". At the same time, the leader himself is so busy asserting his power that sometimes he does not even have time for females: they are fertilized by substitutes. Whether these observations are enough to recognize rats and people as one family - judge for yourself.


According to geneticists, people in their modern form should have appeared on Earth at least 200 thousand years ago. But this period is five times longer than the "official" period of existence of the human race! However, there is reason to believe that our forgotten history is even older. 200 thousand years, proposed by geneticists, is the line at which the branch of humanity separated from another, more ancient group of sufficiently intelligent creatures. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons for such a conclusion.

In particular, there is the concept of forbidden archeology, which includes finds that cannot be explained from the point of view of modern science. There are, indeed, a lot of them: these are traces of giants tens of millions of years old, preserved on petrified soil, and very ancient skeletons of completely incredible creatures similar to humans, and finds of artificial objects that are millions of years old.

Serious science does not consider such findings, perhaps for the reason that it is impossible to "fit" them into any of the generally accepted theories. But nevertheless, an idea appeared and began to take root: once there was a mother planet in the center of the Galaxy, on which humanity was born, later settled in all worlds suitable for life. And then, for some unknown reason, the colonies created by the aliens lost their civilization, degraded and became wild. Now their surviving and greatly changed descendants in different worlds are rebuilding their lives.


Among the seals that belonged to the Sumerian civilization, images of flying objects, bird people and even the solar system were repeatedly found. The latter is all the more surprising since telescopes were invented relatively recently. It is clear that the idea of the interplanetary origin of man is far from new. It was expressed in different terms and in different eras. This concept is actively developed in their works by science fiction writers and Hollywood, which has learned to shoot very realistic horror films.

But it cannot be denied that thought itself did not arise from scratch. Against the background of this idea, the modern assumption that not man came from a monkey, but a monkey from man sounds not so absurd! That is, primates are a completely degraded, side branch of humans. The authors of this theory very easily found a proof for it.

It is known that in the process of intrauterine development, the embryo goes through all evolutionary stages. And it turned out: the person does not go through the "monkey" phase. But in the development of the monkey embryo, on the contrary, there is a period in which it is very much like a person. And this is so clear that someone at one time described a person as "a sexually mature embryo of a monkey."

At no stage of its development does the human embryo look like a monkey.


Today, in addition to Darwinism and the Bible, there are a number of popular versions of the origin of man.

Alien version. This is one of the oldest alternative versions, with many variations for every taste, ranging from "They created us to dispel their endless boredom" to "We are a defective version of the higher mind." In addition, there is an assumption that the aliens made an emergency landing on Earth, and we are their descendants. But in general, all the variations boil down to the fact that man is the fruit of the labor of some extraterrestrial civilization.


The Matrix and the like. It's even more interesting here. Some - obviously not without the influence of the film of the same name - suggest that our world is not real. Others believe that all existing physical reality, including our body, is just a kind of "playground", created by us to gain additional life experience and skills. In fact, we are either disembodied energy entities, or we simply look completely different.

Descendants of bats. It is said that once upon a time there were creatures on Earth that combined human and bird features, similar to harpies from ancient myths. How exactly they evolved into humans is unknown. Note here that eyewitness accounts have been recorded, claiming that half-humans, half-birds still exist.

Androgynes. There is an old Greek legend about how the gods originally created a race of people who had both male and female characteristics. But these creatures were so powerful that they encroached on the power of the gods. Then Zeus decided to split the androgyne in two in order to weaken them. That is why, according to legend, now we are doomed to search for our soul mate all our lives, which, by the way, is not far from the truth.

Giant people. The idea that our ancestors were giants has been expressed for a long time. According to myths, angels descended to earth, took human daughters for themselves, and from such connections a tribe of giants appeared. Well, over time, their descendants were crushed and became like a modern man.


In the folklore of many peoples, you can find references to the period, which is usually called "paradise". This was the first phase of human existence. In those early days, the Earth's climate was much warmer. Water occupied most of the earth's surface, and the coastal areas were covered with many shallow warm lagoons.

In the sky there was always a huge, seemingly motionless luminary, which everyone admired. He was called the "cosmic egg" or "night sun". All sources state the irregular shape of the star. It really was ovoid or oval in shape.

From an astronomical point of view, this could mean that there were two stars in the solar system, and the Earth was a smaller satellite. Thanks to her light, there was no winter or night in that world. The vegetation was lush and rich, its fruits could be eaten constantly, without much effort. The mountains in those primordial times were small and rare, and the reservoirs were clean and shallow. Vast and stormy oceans simply did not exist then. Also, conflicts, especially bloody ones, between creatures and species were rare, and carnivores ate mainly carrion.

The social structure of humanity was matrimonial, paternity was unknown and did not matter. Masculine traits, that is, strength and aggressiveness, were superfluous, while feminine ones - tenderness, protection and consolation - were required everywhere. And there was no death in our understanding: the mythology of immortality could appear only in connection with mass longevity. But death was not something frightening, but was only a part of life.

This period ended with the death of the smaller Sun: the second star exploded. The inhabitants of the Earth fell "from the highest heavens to the lowest." That is, according to some researchers, the Earth was ejected from the region of Jupiter and began to rotate in a new orbit, closer to the Sun. At the same time, the axis of its rotation became inclined, and then the alternation of the seasons appeared. Accordingly, the priorities of the intelligent beings inhabiting the Earth at that time also changed.


Representatives of the most ancient of all existing fields of knowledge - occultists - have their own view of the origin of modern man. They have collected many of the most ancient legends - both about the origin of mankind and about the civilizations that once existed. These myths say that the oldest remembered civilization originated in the far north.

This happened long before the start of the ice age. Divine ancestors came from the “Land of the Gods”, the “Island of Immortality”, from “Mount Meru” and settled in the northern sky, which, according to some researchers, meant the colonization of the Earth by creatures from space. Although, of course, nuances are also possible - the developed culture that existed on a small island decided to expand its zone of habitation.

But this nuance means that the settlers were the messengers of a different, even more ancient civilization! The one about which we know nothing. The newcomers settled on the Hyperborea mainland, located around the North Pole.


Thus, the Hyperboreans lived on the mainland, where the sun never set. Sometimes they were visited by Apollo on a golden arrow or in a carriage drawn by swans. Some researchers interpret this as the image of a spaceship. They also insist on the unearthly origin of the Hyperboreans, who colonized an area similar in climate to their homeland. The inhabitants of the mainland were said to be tall and fair-haired. These people became the progenitors of the white race.

The mainland of Hyperborea existed for a long time, and its history ended in a cataclysm: a comet or the fallen second Moon displaced the earth's axis. The sun changed its path, and this was the end of one of the epochs in the history of our planet. According to the occultists, after this catastrophe, which destroyed the continent in an instant, the third cycle began on Earth.

The new race developed on the vast continent known as Lemuria, or Mu. Now on the site of the sunken continent is the Atlantic Ocean, but millions of years ago, this entire oceanic territory was land. The mainland was filled with active volcanoes and was constantly exposed to earthquakes.

In the end, it broke up into islands and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Whether it will be found in the foreseeable future and whether school textbooks on biology will change - we can find out either tomorrow or never.


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