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Video: "My Son
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"My Son
"My Son

Once upon a time to a Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena Alexey Priyma an unknown man came.

“I’ve heard of you as a collector of stories about encounters with aliens,” he said, removing a regular mail envelope from an inner pocket of his jacket. - So I decided to meet you, to show you some strange photographs. Photos are here in the envelope. But, before showing them, I'll tell you everything in order. I want to stress right away that I do not hope for your help.

The man sighed in sorrow.

- My wife and I understand perfectly well that you cannot help us. The situation in which we find ourselves is absolutely hopeless. And we do not intend to let the curious public with scientific instruments into the house. What happened with us is our family drama. And we want to carry our cross alone, without exposing it to a public trial …

The story is as follows. The wife was about to give birth. When she was five months pregnant, she once said to me with a laugh:

“You know, about four months ago I had an amazingly vivid dream. I dreamed that I was in a small round room, dimly lit. I lay naked on the table. Nearby stands a tall creature that looks like a man, but not a man. The head is like a cucumber. Huge slanted eyes. Skinny gray jumpsuit that reaches the throat.

The creature opens its mouth and says in pure Russian: “I hope you don’t mind artificial conception?” I did not have time to respond. I saw his hand fly up above me with a large glass syringe in it. Then the dream suddenly ended …"

Well, my wife and I laughed at her story, and I forgot about this conversation of ours for a long time.

A boy was born. And as soon as his wife breastfeed him, she immediately became ill. According to her, every time the feeling was as if her son "devastated" her all, "drank all the energy from the body with milk from the breast." The wife decided that she was ill and went to the doctors. The effect of hiking is zero.

Then, when the boy grew older, the energy "devastation" of my wife began to happen much less often, but it still happened from time to time. The son, as it were, was sucking on his own mother and in a matter of seconds pumped out energy juices from her in huge doses.

Did it happen in your presence?

- And more than once. The son will go up to the mother, snuggle up to her, and she suddenly turns pale, clutches her heart with her hand. I have a camera. As the kid grew up, I took pictures of him for the family archive. What sometimes came out in the pictures plunged my wife and me into a natural shock.

The camera captured phenomena that were not observed by the eyes at the time of shooting. The resulting pictures clearly showed that it was not an ordinary child who was growing next to us, but a monster. And then one day I suddenly remembered the story of my wife about her strange dream, surprisingly vivid.

“Was this not a dream? - I thought. - Is the boy not my son, but the result of extraterrestrial, judging by the content of sleep, artificial conception? Take a look at the pictures. Both were done under the circumstances where my wife was once again devastated by this creature.

Alexey Priima carefully studied the photographs.

The first picture showed the hand of an adult. The man explained that it was his wife's hand. To the right was a boy in the bathtub. A strange mass protruded from his right armpit, covered with exactly the same skin as the skin of a child. The formation resembled a plump, slightly curved, short bowel. One end of the intestine was hidden in the armpit, while the other was implanted strictly into the center of the female palm.

The boy in the picture released a pipe, invisible to those around him, and thrust it into his mother's hand like a pump. And the camera, which, as you know, captures a certain part of the infrared region of the spectrum, "spied" the deed of the vampire.

In the second photo, the same kid looked older. A part of his mother's body was also captured in the frame. A woman's hand holding a child was visible, as well as partly a woman's belly and women's knees. The woman was wearing a thick woolen sweater.

The boy's left leg, resting on the mother's abdomen, was strikingly different from the right.

From the ankle and almost to the knee, she, having become unusually thin, turned into an extension of a sweater that hugged the woman's body. The most interesting thing: the foot was not visible at all. She went into a woman's belly, drowned in it, like a hose in a barrel of water.

Judging from the picture, this time the boy was "gushing the energy of life" directly from his mother's womb - directly from a place so familiar to him.

Valery, that was the name of the stranger, said:

- My wife and I think: that her dream was not a dream at all. We suspect our son is a product of extraterrestrial artificial conception. He, partly an out-of-Earth man, constantly lacks energy on Earth to develop and live normally. Unlike ordinary, earthly children, he regularly needs a portion of purely earthly, purely human energy.

At the end of the conversation, Priyma could not persuade Valery to examine his son. The strange photos weren't published anywhere either.

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