Portals In The Tundra And In The Apartment

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Video: Portals In The Tundra And In The Apartment

Video: Portals In The Tundra And In The Apartment
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Portals In The Tundra And In The Apartment
Portals In The Tundra And In The Apartment
Portals in the tundra and in the apartment - portal, parallel worlds
Portals in the tundra and in the apartment - portal, parallel worlds

Writes Anastasia Valerievna Dyachenko, Donetsk: “This case was told to me by my father Valery Ivanovich Dyachenko. In 1979 he served in Gremikha, on the Kola Peninsula. They diversified their diet with mushrooms.

And then one day (although it may have been night, because in summer there is day and night), the father and his colleagues walked several kilometers, and they did not come across a single normal mushroom. There were fly agarics (by the way, they are huge there) and russula, which no one considered to be mushrooms either.

Suddenly, about a hundred meters away, my father noticed a strange structure. What's this? Hut? Or maybe a bunker? The father decided to look there.

- If you want, drop in, - the comrades, tired and angry with an unsuccessful walk, answered gloomily. - You will catch up later. We went home.

The father went to the object. It was unknown by whom and for what purpose, a one and a half meters high structure made of local stone, without a roof. Fifteen meters in diameter. As he approached the object, the father saw that a yellow glow was emanating from it. He carefully entered the building and was amazed - inside there was a sea of mushrooms!

He cut off several nearest ones, as many as fit into the bag, and then climbed onto a stone to call his comrades, and was amazed. The tundra around was deserted!


Father in a hurry jumped out of the yellow glow and sighed with relief: his colleagues walked in the distance as if nothing had happened. For fun, the father returned to the facility. Looked around - no one around, empty tundra! Out - comrades appeared again. Then the father caught up with his friends, showed them the mushrooms and convinced them to return.

However, when they approached the object, there was not a yellow glow and not a single mushroom. No one would have believed his story if it weren't for a bag full of mushrooms.

Many years later. The father told this story to an acquaintance who was interested in the paranormal.

- It looks like you've been to another dimension. And jumped out in time, - he said. “If the portal had slammed shut, you would have stayed there forever!"

Screen on the wall

Tells V. V. Gorbunova, p. Novosergievka, Orenburg region.:

“In the distant childhood, I observed one very interesting phenomenon. Now I am already 56 years old, a lot of time has passed, but everything has been preserved in my memory so clearly, as if in a video recording.

I was then nine or ten years old, no more. We lived in a village in the steppe Orenburg region. It was winter. My friend and I rolled on a sled, froze, and she called me to her grandmother to warm up.

Grandma fed us, and then told us to go to bed, although it was daytime. She laid me down next to her on the stove. Grandmother just went to bed - she fell asleep right away. I didn't want to sleep: I lay there for a long time, examining the ceiling and walls. And then it began …


I noticed that a section of the whitewashed wall (about twenty by thirty centimeters) seemed to glow from the inside. Now I would compare it to a TV screen, but at that time we had not seen TVs yet, and radio was a rarity. On this strange "screen" I saw some other world.

An alley lined with trees. Along the path stood (or even hung like a swing) wide benches decorated with carvings with patterns. Everything around was snow-white. Then people came out onto the path. I was terribly scared of them, so I wanted to hide that I was ready to crawl under the sleeping old woman.

Fear paralyzed me, my tongue was already numb. People walked in pairs - men and women. Their clothes were also white, all kind of lacy, airy. The "screen" showed no sound, but I saw that people were talking to each other. Most amazingly, I felt that they saw me! Sometimes they looked at me: they glance in my direction, and then they discuss something among themselves and laugh.

Gradually, my fear passed, as if their joy was passed on to me. The atmosphere of what was happening on the wall was very friendly, and there was something good about it. I even felt somehow happy in my soul, my mood rose.

During this unusual session, several times I averted my eyes from the wall, trying to look at the dark painted floor. However, curiosity prevailed, and again I glanced at the wall. The “window to another world” did not disappear. And then my grandmother suddenly woke up, and the wall instantly went out. I touched it, even picked it - nothing, a wall like a wall.

And what is interesting, for some reason I had no desire to tell anyone about this amazing phenomenon. I kept it in my memory for a long time, I remembered it myself, but not a word to anyone! For the first time I told about what I saw only on the day of my majority, which greatly impressed my loved ones."

By the way

Many researchers of anomalous phenomena believe that one can get into parallel worlds by reaching a certain state with the help of meditation, psychological and spiritual practices, and also taking some substances affecting the psyche.

American writer and mystic Carlos Castaneda called such an altered state of a person "a shift of the assemblage point." Experts in the field of the unknown also note that sometimes similar conditions occur spontaneously in ordinary people.