Children See The World Differently

Video: Children See The World Differently

Video: Children See The World Differently
Video: 10 Amazing Ways That Children See The World Differently 2023, September
Children See The World Differently
Children See The World Differently
Children see the world differently - a parallel world, children, child
Children see the world differently - a parallel world, children, child

Seira Estep, the author of the book "Voices of Eternity", told about these events in Fate magazine (№4, 2005). Seira has been researching the “electronic voice phenomenon” for many years. contacts with some otherworldly entities, carried out by means of technical means - radio, tape recorder, television, etc. But her interest in abnormalities arose in early childhood, when the girl was three or four years old.


At the time, Seira knew nothing of other realities. Nevertheless, quite strange things often happened to her. For example, she wakes up, opens her eyes and notices that everything around her looks somehow unusual. All the furniture, the room, the corridor seem clearer, more real, as if "washed". After a minute or two, everything again takes its usual form.

Since the girl had no doubt that everyone else in her family felt the same way, she never even mentioned it. And only much later, forty years later, I once came across a description of such sensations - the author called it “binocular vision” and explained: it’s as if a person were looking through binoculars from the back side.

One night, when Seira was about five years old, she experienced horrific moments. Opening her eyes, she saw two men to her right, standing opposite the dressing table in her bedroom - with their backs to her. Mother usually left the door to the nursery open, and in the hallway the lights were on all night, so that everything was clearly visible. The men were very strangely dressed. Both wear knee-length breeches, long-sleeved shirts and vests, and one has a polka-dot bandana around his head.

The impression was that the "guests" did not even know about the presence of the girl. They were completely absorbed in looking at what lay on the table: they took one thing after another in their hands and examined it carefully.

Seira screamed. The parents immediately ran into the room, and the daughter, sobbing, told them what she had just seen here. It is clear that mom and dad began to calm down the child. This is, they say, a game of imagination, just a bad dream. In the bright light of the lamp, Seira had to admit that there really were no strangers in the bedroom.

After kissing their daughter, the parents retired to their bedroom. Almost at the same instant, the two returned. Now they seemed to be aware that there was someone else in the room besides them. They came up and stood silently by Seira's bed. She pretended to be asleep, but continued to follow them furtively. A minute later, they returned to the dressing table, barely audible muttering to each other. They took a small box of coins and shook it.

Seira screamed again in surprise. The parents immediately appeared, and again the girl, through tears, told them that those two had come to her room again. She begged Mom and Dad to look into the closet and under the bed, to look wherever possible. They were looking for. But no one was found. Sobbing, Seira kept repeating: "I know they are here somewhere!" In short, my mother ended up going to bed with Seira.

As soon as she fell asleep, those two appeared again. And again they stood by the bed, looking at the girl and her mother. And although Saira was scared to death, she again pretended to be asleep.

- Why didn't I wake up my mother then? - Seira thought painfully afterwards. - After all, they were then half a meter from us!..

But for some reason she knew that her mother would not see them anyway …

After a few minutes, the two left. The girl heard them going down the stairs, walking around the house. One of them played some piano chords. Another found Seira's favorite toy - it was a bird on a stick, and if you rotated it, the bird made a whistling sound.

- Why, why didn't I wake up my mother then so that she could hear these sounds? Seira asked herself. - Yes, because she knew: she would not hear all this!

Morning has come. Seira and her parents began to dress. Just at this time, the bell sounded at the front door. Approaching the window in her bedroom, she saw the same two men: they went down the steps, turned left along the path and walked along it until they disappeared from sight.

This time the parents heard the entrance bell and went to the steps of the stairs.

Just at that moment Mary appeared - a 20-year-old girl who then lived in their house and studied to be a secretary. She slept in another part of the house and was not aware of what happened here at night. Seira's mom from above asked who had come there. Mary - she was clearly discouraged - replied: "When I heard the bell, I opened the door, but there were two men who looked so strange that I was confused and immediately slammed the door in their face!"

Both mother and father looked at Seira as if they were seeing her for the first time.

Never after that did anyone say a word about the events of that night and that morning. But Seira understood why. It was something so far beyond normal reality that adults simply did not want to go into details. And although no strangers appeared again, everything in the house was still perceived differently now, as if another additional dimension had been added to the surrounding space. And Seira's binocular vision began to appear less and less and by the end of the year it disappeared altogether.

But the question is, where did those strangers come from?

“I believe they were from another dimension, from a parallel world,” says Seira Estep. “From the way they were dressed and how they were enchanted by the items on the dressing table, we can assume that their time was very different from ours. Maybe 200 years. Somehow they slipped into my reality and came into contact with it. I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that maybe every time I had binocular vision, I kind of looked into another dimension. And on the night when those two appeared, I may have stepped into that reality a little further.

But here's another surprising thing. Seira grew up, got married, gave birth to a son, who was named Bob. And when he was five years old (now he is 40), he began to experience very similar sensations!

One evening the boy suddenly woke up crying and screaming. Seira and her husband Charles rushed to their son. He sat on his bed and cried as bitterly and desperately as only a five-year-old child can cry.

“This place is full of animals,” he lamented, jabbing his finger in all directions. - And on my bed, and everywhere on the floor!


Of course, dad told his son that it was all just a dream.

- No, dad, I see them! Look, here he is - a beast! He's climbing on my bed! objected Bob.

He was terrified. It was enough to look into his eyes so that there was no longer any doubt - the baby really sees it all. Moreover, he sees clearly, clearly, as his mother saw those two men thirty years ago. Bob was terribly worried, trying to push the beast out of his bed, turning in one direction or the other. Surely. For him it was the same reality as for his mother as a child - the appearance of those strangers in breeches. Does it mean that animals really broke into our world from another reality for some time? And Bob saw them?

One way or another, he calmed down and fell asleep only after dad and mom took him to their bedroom and put him in their bed.

But who would explain why children and adults see the same world differently? Why does it happen that a child sees a UFO, but an adult standing nearby does not? Why do children easily and naturally (without any hypnosis) enter the world of their previous reincarnations, while adults forget everything? Why is it the same reality for a child as for today's life, and for adults - something beyond?

Asking these and many other questions, we involuntarily turn into the very "why", which everyone, without exception, were in childhood …