10 Most Mysterious Stories Of Interdimensional Travel

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Video: 10 Most Mysterious Stories Of Interdimensional Travel

Video: 10 Most Mysterious Stories Of Interdimensional Travel
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10 Most Mysterious Stories Of Interdimensional Travel
10 Most Mysterious Stories Of Interdimensional Travel
10 most mysterious stories about interdimensional travel - parallel worlds, another dimension
10 most mysterious stories about interdimensional travel - parallel worlds, another dimension

Since 1954, when Hugh Everett III officially made the assumption about the existence of parallel universes, this idea excites the minds of scientists, philosophers, writers and ordinary people. Perhaps we live simply in one of the many spatio-temporal branches, or perhaps, without knowing it, we often meet on the street creatures from another universe who have learned to travel between worlds.

But the only information about alternative realities comes to us from the stories of those who claim to have found holes in space and set off to travel through incomprehensible worlds.

1. The Man from Taured

In 1954, on a seemingly ordinary day, a seemingly ordinary person allegedly flew to Tokyo. But after he landed at Tokyo International Airport, his seemingly perfectly normal trip went a little strange. He showed his passport and was immediately interrogated about his origins: his passport looked completely ordinary, but it indicated a country that no one had heard of - Taured.


The mysterious man claimed that his country was between France and Spain, but when asked to show it on a map, he pointed to Andorra. He insisted that he had never heard of any Andorra, and Taured had been in this place for 1000 years.

He has stated that he has frequently flown to Japan on business for the past five years. The passport seemed to confirm this: it had a lot of customs and visa stamps, and the person had currency from several European countries with him. He even had a driver's license issued in a mysterious country and a checkbook with checks from an unknown bank.

After a long interrogation and complete confusion, the traveler was sent to a nearby hotel until an official decision was made. In the morning, two people from the immigration office came to the hotel. They discovered that the mysterious man had disappeared without a trace. He was not seen in the waiting room, and the only alternative exit from the room on the 15th floor was a window.

The Tokyo police searched for the traveler for a long time, but did not find it. Let's hope that if he did come from a parallel Earth, he was able to find his way back home - to Taured.

2. What if The Beatles didn't disband?

Many tried to recreate the famous style of "The Beatles", but none of them managed to play like the famous Liverpool four. But if you missed the 1960s and couldn't listen to them live, it's early to get upset - all you have to do is travel to an alternate universe, where John Lennon and George Harrison are still alive, and the band is still writing songs and playing. concerts.


The man who identified himself as James Richards claims that on September 9, 2009, he was running after his dog in De l'Puerto Canyon in California, when he tripped over a rabbit hole, fell and passed out. He woke up in a strange room next to an unknown car and a man who introduced himself as Jonas.

Jonas said he used a car to transport an unconscious Richards to a parallel Earth during his trip to work for an inter-universe travel agency.

Of course, in such a situation, it is quite logical to start discussing pop culture. Jonas and Richards remembered, in particular, The Beatles, a group that existed in both dimensions. To Richards' surprise, in this other dimension, all the members of The Beatles were alive and writing music. Richardson brought back from his trip a cassette with an album called "Household Chemicals" containing songs "The Beatles", which never existed in our dimension, and obligingly uploaded everything to his website.

3. Ong's hat

The town of Ong's Hat, New Jersey, came into existence around the 19th century, after a man named Ong threw a hat in the air and lost it - it must have remained hanging from a tree branch or slipped into another dimension, who knows. By 1920, the city had become a ghost town, but Ong's Hat was not completely forgotten. On the contrary, the abandoned city became the basis for one of the earliest conspiracy theories on the Internet.


In the 1970s and 1980s, a new scientific paradigm called chaos emerged, dealing with everyday events like the sound of a fan or the whirring of a computer. The theory quickly gained popularity.

It consisted in the following: two scientists, Frank and Althea Dobbs, decided that consciousness can be considered as an independent universe, and if you could create your own "mental map", you could control chaos and, probably, travel to other dimensions …

According to the brochure (a common hoax, later debunked), the Dobbs, together with three other scientists, created an underground Institute for Chaos Research in Ong's Hat.

It was here that they discovered a gateway to alternate dimensions by creating a modified sensory deprivation chamber called the egg. Say, with the help of this device, they learned interdimensional travel. They allegedly found a world where there were no people, but there was water and plants. They say that scientists went there and remain there to this day.

4. Carol Chase McElheney

In 2006, Carol Chase McElheney was traveling from Perris, California, to her home in San Bernardino. She decided to stay in Riverside - the city where she was born. However, Carol quickly realized that this was not the right city, although geographically it was where it should be.

She claims that she could not find the home where she spent her childhood and where her parents still lived, or the homes of other family members. She did not recognize any houses at all, although the numbers and names of the streets seemed to be correct. Even the cemetery where her grandparents were buried turned out to be just a fenced-in wasteland overgrown with weeds.

Maybe she just stopped in the wrong city? She would have thought so if she hadn’t found high school and college acquaintances. However, Carol did not look for familiar buildings for long - it was in the eerie atmosphere of this Riverside. The inhabitants were somehow strange, and she soon left the city, being afraid to approach any of them.

Carol believes she has entered a parallel dimension, where her Riverside was a much more sinister place. The story cannot be confirmed - when, a few years later, she again came to Riverside for her father's funeral, she ended up in an ordinary city where she grew up. Carol never went to Alternate Riverside.

5. Lerina Garcia

In July 2008, 41-year-old woman with a good education, Lerina Garcia woke up in her bed in a completely ordinary morning. She started her normal day, but gradually she discovered small details that seemed very strange.

For example, her pajamas were different from the one in which she went to bed. She decided, got it wrong, and went to work, where she had worked for the last 20 years. However, when she arrived at her department, she realized that this was not her department, despite the fact that it was in its usual place and on the same floor.

Deciding that something strange was definitely happening, Lerina returned home and found her ex-boyfriend there, with whom she broke up six months ago. He acted like they were still together. And her new lover, with whom she had lived for four months, was nowhere to be found. He was never found even after hiring a private detective: no trace of himself or his family could be found.

Although what happened to Garcia seems to be some kind of neuralgic disorder, she herself believes that she woke up in a parallel universe. Unfortunately for poor Garcia, she was never able to return to her home universe, forever stuck in a dimension where she lives with her ex-boyfriend, whom she cannot get rid of.

6. Pedro Oliva Ramirez

At about 11 pm on November 9, 1986, Pedro Oliva Ramirez, he said, drove from Seville, Spain, to the city of Alcala de Guadaira. He had traveled this road more than once and was shocked when the road suddenly made a turn and he found himself on an unfamiliar straight six-lane highway.


There were strange objects around him, and indeed everything was strange. He felt warmth, and at some distance from him voices were heard. One voice stood out from the general chorus - it was he who informed Ramirez that he had just teleported to another dimension. Old cars with white or beige narrow rectangles of unfamiliar license plates passed by Ramirez at exactly eight minutes apart.

After about an hour's drive, Ramirez found a left turn. The road sign said that on this road you can go to Alcala, Malaga and Seville. Ramirez drove towards Seville, but was very surprised to see that he almost reached Alcala de Guadaira. He returned, but could not find an intersection, road sign, or six-lane highway again.

7. Canyon Gadianton

In May 1972, four girls were returning to Utah Southern University after a Saturday rodeo in Pioche. When they crossed the state line between the states of Utah and Nevada around ten in the evening, they stumbled upon a fork. They turned left and entered Gadianton Canyon. Suddenly, the dark asphalt turned into white cement. Deciding that they just turned the wrong way, the girls drove back, but to their surprise, they saw fields of cereals and yellow pines, and not a desert.

They decided to stop at a roadside cafe and ask for directions, but quickly changed their minds when one of the girls started screaming hysterically. From the top of the hill behind them at great speed descended four brightly glowing egg-shaped vehicles on three wheels. The frightened girls rushed back to the canyon, and the white cement was replaced by the familiar dark asphalt, and around them was the familiar desert again.

The girls were unlucky - they punctured one tire, the car skidded, and they left the tracks of three tires on the road. They had to wait until morning to walk to Highway 56, where they met a soldier of the National Guard.

Their story sounds like fiction, but the tire tracks are hard to explain. The tracks left by their Chevy ended just 200 meters away in the desert, and the girls, they said, drove more than three kilometers north of the highway. And there is no physical evidence of their journey, except, perhaps, a car cap that fell off a wheel - it was never found. Maybe he is still lying somewhere in the desert of Utah, or maybe on display in a museum on a parallel Earth.

8. Project "Montauk"

Project Montauk was a series of secret experiments by the US government. It was conducted at an abandoned Air Force radar station on the eastern end of Long Island.


It began with the Philadelphia Experiment, the goal of which was to create technology that makes ships invisible to radar detection. The 1943 project was extraordinarily successful because the USS Eldridge allegedly became completely invisible, and then transported to another dimension and eventually re-materialized in our space off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia.

With most of the crew dead and the rest on the brink of insanity, official funding for the Philadelphia Experiment ceased. Nevertheless, scientists and military officials were impressed by the results of the experiment - they wanted to continue the study of teleportation and interdimensional travel, so the Montauk project was launched in 1960.

Under the direction of Dr. John von Neumann, the Montauk Project scientists studied the psychological changes of those who traveled between universes. They wanted to determine why the Philadelphia Experiment had such an impact on people: teleportation is, of course, good, but if everyone dies or goes crazy, then there will be no sense from it.

According to the theory of scientists, people are born with a "time reference point" associated with electromagnetic fields unique to our Earth. Therefore, such a sharp transition to another two-dimensional plane became fatal for all crew members. During the experiments of the Montauk Project, von Neumann allegedly solved this problem by creating a computer model of the Earth and changing the "time reference points".

According to the documents, von Neumann managed to send people to other dimensions without consequences. However, after completing the experiment in 1967, he submitted a report to Congress on his findings regarding mind control and interdimensional travel. Congress stopped funding and ended the project for fear of massive mind control.

9. Shadow People

According to Albert Einstein, there are four dimensions: three spatial coordinates and time, in which light can move in a special way. Stephen Hawking developed this theory by asking if there could be other dimensions in the region of our universe.

However, according to Hawking, matter and light are tied to the "membrane" of the dimension, which makes interdimensional travel impossible. Since spacetime can work like gravitational lenses, however, we can sometimes see shadows of people or even galaxies from other dimensions - they are reflected in our space.

Especially meetings with these shadow people are common in North America. One such story tells of a woman meeting with mysterious subjects. In the mid-1990s, she was a little girl living in Dorchester, Massachusetts. When she first slept in the new room, she saw a tall, unnatural shadow on the wall.

To her surprise, the shadow separated from the wall and began to move around the room. She was wearing what looked like glasses. Near the closet, the girl saw three more such shadows. As a result, a huge shadow slowly began to envelop her entire room, and the room plunged into pitch darkness. The frightened girl jumped off the bed and ran to her grandparents' room. She believes that she encountered inter-dimensional travelers that night, who also likely saw her as a shadow man.

10. Markawasi stone forest

The Markavasi stone forest is located in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru. The stones there look like grotesque sculptures, and sometimes are indistinguishable from human faces. They form naturally, no one knows how. As if that weren't enough, the forest is believed to have a door to another dimension.


According to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, a patient with late stage hemiplegia came to see him. Hemiplegia is a disorder that results in a complete loss of motor function in one side of the body.

When he began to question her, she said that she went with friends on a hike in Markawasi. According to the patient, they were wandering there late at night and came across a torchlit stone cave, where some people were dancing in 17th century clothes. The woman said that some otherworldly force pulled her to the cave, but one of her friends pulled her away from the entrance before she entered. Unfortunately, her left half of her body managed to step over the “threshold” and was completely paralyzed.

Analyzes did not reveal a noticeable cause for paralysis. Centeno believes that the woman experienced a dimensional shift that caused changes in the energy flow of her nervous system. Many scientists believe that in the stone forest of Markawasi there really is a door between the worlds, and this border was accidentally crossed by this woman and her friends. If the poor woman walked through the door, she might never return.