Why Is The Butterfly Effect Dangerous?

Video: Why Is The Butterfly Effect Dangerous?

Video: Why Is The Butterfly Effect Dangerous?
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Why Is The Butterfly Effect Dangerous?
Why Is The Butterfly Effect Dangerous?
Why is the butterfly effect dangerous? - butterfly effect, parallel worlds
Why is the butterfly effect dangerous? - butterfly effect, parallel worlds

Everyone knows from the school mathematics course that parallel lines never intersect. This is stated in the traditional or official geometry of Euclid. However, probably, every person, looking at the rails going beyond the horizon, in the depths of his soul began to doubt this axiom.

Indeed, in the geometry of Lobachevsky it is said that parallel lines can intersect - at infinity. Thus, it is logical that parallel planes can also have points of contact. Despite the fact that this statement is extremely controversial, it cannot but excite the minds of scientists and ordinary people much more than a book axiom.

If you think well and carefully analyze your life, it becomes clear that any event or decision, even the smallest and insignificant at first glance, any spoken word or phrase, to a greater or lesser extent, change the course of your entire future life.

And sometimes the fate of all mankind.


There is even a special term in science - "butterfly Effect", which explains this phenomenon in detail. Its author is the meteorologist Lorenz.

The term suggests that the flapping of a butterfly's wing at one end of the planet can cause serious cataclysms at the other. Simply put, even the smallest event can cause completely unexpected and very serious consequences in a completely different part of the world.

The events generated by the "butterfly effect" occur in the same world, but at different times - that is, the "cause-effect" principle is implemented.

If we make the assumption that for every choice in life, for every turn of fate, there is a world, its own reality, in which new events develop, and all worlds exist simultaneously, it turns out very difficult, but at the same time, interesting.

There are many hypotheses and theories that our world is far from the only one, that there are several more next to it. It is quite possible that in those other worlds our likenesses live, but they have chosen a different solution, a different path. Or, quite the opposite, completely different beings live in these worlds, who do not at all resemble humans and who have gone far ahead in their development.

Perhaps they live on the same planet as people, but people cannot see them, because these creatures consist of "antimatter". This assumption is made by some scientists. Therefore, a person cannot see and feel the "antiworld", only periodically encounters its manifestations.

Some scientists argue that between the worlds you can move along certain channels or portals. For example, in folk legends and beliefs, just like many science fiction writers, mirrors most often act as portals, a little less often - the vents of volcanoes and caves. That is why there is a superstition that you cannot look at your reflection in the mirror for a long time, because it can drag you away.

In the scientific world, there are more serious hypotheses about how you can go from one world to another. So, as such portals or tunnels are "black holes" in space, which can be the so-called "wormholes" connecting different worlds and spaces. It is not possible to prove or disprove this statement, since so far they have been very little studied.

In 1930, the term "teleportation places" was introduced to designate zones in which invisible and inexplicable movements in space took place. Its author was the scientist Charles Froth. Such places do exist, some researchers mention them, but all attempts to deliberately provoke teleportation have not yet been crowned with success.

At the same time, both in scientific hypotheses and in fantastic works and legends it is argued that such transitions open only under certain circumstances and at a strictly defined time. And if in the literature everything is more or less clear, then in the case of real evidence of a transition from one space to another, there is no order or certainty.

In this regard, it is appropriate to recall the story of the legendary disappearance of the entire Norfold regiment in the mountains at the beginning of the last century. The regiment was English and was sent to the front line. Not a single soldier emerged from the gorge, densely covered with a giant cloud, but no traces of the presence of people in this place were found.

According to some researchers, the regiment entered a portal that led to one of the parallel worlds. At the same time, among scientists there is also a hypothesis about the curvature of time exactly at that moment and at the time when the soldiers were there. Therefore, it is completely possible that after some time (years or, perhaps, centuries) the Norfold regiment will appear in the same place and complete its journey.


It is noteworthy that the largest number of cases of encounters with parallel worlds was recorded in the period from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the last century. With what it was connected - whether with the great influence of religion, or with a low level of development of sciences - it is difficult to say. Nevertheless, the fact remains - these days meetings in the unknown mostly concern "flying saucers" and aliens, rather than parallel worlds.

For example, at the end of the fifteenth century in Germany, a girl named Elsa Farthen, the burgomaster's niece, disappeared in the most mysterious way. She went to bed in her room as usual. After some time, the servant in the middle of the night saw a bright light that was breaking through from under the mistress's door, but she did not attach any importance to this.

In the morning it turned out that the door to the room was locked from the inside. And since the girl did not come out, the door was broken. The room was empty! Relatives and servants searched everything around, but to no avail. Elsa was gone for several days, and then the girl appeared in her room in the same way as she disappeared.

The girl was told that she had not been at home for two days, but she did not want to believe it. Elsa was convinced that she went to bed and slept peacefully one night. True, a little later she remembered that in a dream she saw a bright light and some unfamiliar incomprehensible faces …

But the following story clearly demonstrates how an event can affect the course of the history of all mankind.

In September 1908 in Vienna, at the Vienna Academy of Arts, one of the most venerable citadels of European art, during the entrance examination. In one of the auditoriums, a young man with burning eyes demonstrates his artwork to the selection committee.

But the chairman of the commission, a very obese and dissatisfied man, is very dissatisfied with something, and all the time criticizes the work of a novice artist. Either the proportion is bad, then the gamma is not so, the golden ratio is incorrectly calculated, but here everything is completely bad. From the words of the head of the commission, it turned out that the young man did not know how to draw at all, and he had no place among the students of the academy.

The young man failed the exam, the head of the commission invited the next student. But at that moment he could not even imagine that by his decision he destroyed six million lives of innocent people and unleashed the Second World War. And all because the artist was a failure Adolf Gitler.


The future Fuhrer practically from childhood dreamed of becoming an architect and artist, painting, designing houses. Disappointed, he turned his footsteps into big politics, becoming one of the bloodiest dictators and tyrants.

But everything could have turned out completely differently, if the head of the selection committee had not criticized the young applicant. Such a seemingly insignificant episode can sometimes lead to global catastrophic consequences.

And here is another similar story: during the era of the Crusades, in early June 1189, on the Seliv River, which is now in the territory of modern Turkey, a huge army of German crusaders crossed the river. The army is led by the legendary emperor Frederick Barbarossa. H in smart knightly armor, in full dress, on a white horse enters the water.

But the animal suddenly rears up, Friedrich could not resist in the saddle, fell into the water. The Emperor is no more. He did not drown, since the river was shallow, but rather died from heatstroke, because his armor was very hot in the sun. As a result of falling into cold water, the emperor received a heat stroke, lost consciousness and simply choked.

Having lost the leader, the German crusaders immediately returned home, as a result of which the third crusade, in which they had a great chance of defeating the Saracens, suffered a complete collapse. And Jerusalem, because of which this campaign was undertaken, remained under the influence of Muslims for several more centuries. And all - because of the horse …

There are a lot of similar cases in history. For example, what could have happened if Napoleon had not had a cold before the Battle of Borodino, or if Archimedes hadn’t decided to take a bath one day, or the cunning Odysseus had managed to get away from the Trojan War.

There are a huge number of such fatal little things, history knows about some, it is silent about some, but they all had a significant impact, if not on the course of human history as a whole, then on the course of someone's life - for sure.


If we talk about fiction, then it should be noted that science fiction writers are very fond of the theme of the plurality of the Universe and parallel worlds, since this topic gives a lot of room for imagination. This topic is very well represented in children's science fiction literature, in particular, in the stories of V. Krapivin.

Its heroes are the most ordinary schoolchildren who go to other worlds, travel from one world to another, everywhere finding new faithful friends and many adventures. In these works, the Universe is presented in the form of a giant Crystal, each face of which is a special separate world. There must be transitions between them at one time or another.

In the literature for the older ones, the topic of parallel worlds is also represented quite widely. So, in particular, parallel worlds that exist in the same space and time are presented in the tetralogy of S. Lukyanenko "Dozor".

In ordinary cities, there are light and dark "others" who from time to time leave to sort things out in another world. And this world is in a certain way superimposed on the world of people. According to the author himself, between the floors of one building, the lift goes a little slower, since there is another floor there - to the "gloomy world" …

Currently, the existence of parallel worlds has not been scientifically proven. It is unlikely that this will be done in the near future. At the same time, hypotheses about their existence are quite fully and logically explained by those "inconsistencies" and paranormal phenomena that periodically occur in our world - ghost ships, poltergeists, airplanes that disappeared from radars and disappeared without a trace and many others worthy of getting caught. in the section "classified materials".