How To Get Into A Parallel World?

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Video: How To Get Into A Parallel World?

Video: How To Get Into A Parallel World?
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How To Get Into A Parallel World?
How To Get Into A Parallel World?
How to get into a parallel world? - parallel world
How to get into a parallel world? - parallel world

A popular theory says that our universe is just one of many worlds that exist autonomously from each other. However, is it so? Why does it sometimes seem that we are penetrating into other dimensions? Maybe we are talking about the same reality, but capable of branching?

The phenomenon of inflation

According to most modern models, particles such as an electron do not have a fixed position in space. You can only make up the equation of the wave function, which describes the probability of finding an electron in a certain place at a particular moment in time. But in fact, the particles fluctuate (i.e. change periodically).

It is thanks to the processes of quantum fluctuations that the Universe was born and began to develop. Studies of the relict radiation, which have come down to us 380,000 years after the Big Bang, suggest that at the dawn of the Universe, quantum fluctuations made

some of its regions are denser than others. From this dense matter, the "cosmic web" later emerged, consisting of galaxies, stars, planets and other objects, and ultimately life.


In addition, the Big Bang led to a phenomenon of the proliferation of matter known as inflation. It was due to the interaction of quantum particles, inflationons. Each of them randomly intertwined with other particles, giving rise to "bubbles" of new universes. In turn, each “bubble” also went through a stage of inflation, creating even more “bubbles”. This is how the multiverse was born. Inflation continues, so new universes will keep springing up.

Recently, however, Sean Carroll of the California Institute of Technology has found a way around this "paradox." He tried to prove that quantum fluctuations depend on interaction with an external system, which can be called an "observer" (a common term in quantum mechanics).

However, in this case, the inflationon should have appeared before the rest of the particles, and, therefore, no external energies with which it could interact existed in the early Universe. So he couldn't fluctuate and create a multiverse. Only later did the inflationatons "fall apart" into several types of ordinary particles that could come into "contact" with each other.

True, this does not completely exclude the presence of parallel measurements. If, according to the theory of the multiverse, it consists of "bubbles", in each of which a separate universe is born, and then independently develops from scratch, then the quantum theory comes to the conclusion that in the process of fluctuations the Universe from a single beginning branches into several different "versions", capable of intertwining with each other …

“Perhaps Hitler won World War II in a parallel universe, but the laws of physics remained the same,” Carroll sums up.

Alien worlds

Then the question arises: if parallel worlds exist, then how to get there? But there are many known cases when people found themselves in some strange places, sometimes partially familiar to them, sometimes completely unknown.

So, on a Saturday night in May 1972, four students from the University of Utah were driving back to their campus with a rodeo in Pioche by car. Crossing the border between the states of Nevada and Utah, which was in the desert, they stumbled upon a fork in two roads.

Taking the left path, they entered the Gadianton Canyon. Suddenly the dark asphalt under the wheels of the car turned into white cement. The girls decided that they were going in the wrong direction and turned back. But for some reason, there was not a desert around, but fields and yellow pines.

Suddenly, the students saw four brightly glowing egg-shaped objects on three wheels descending from the top of a nearby hill at high speed. The girls were so scared that they turned sharply back towards the canyon. They soon found that the landscape outside the window had become familiar again.

The girls walked to Highway 56, where they asked for help. Subsequently, they tried to explore this strange place, and it turned out that the tracks left by their "Chevy" ended right in the middle of the desert, as if a car had driven out of nowhere …


This case is by no means unique. At about 11 pm on November 9, 1986, the Spaniard Pedro Oliva Ramirez left Seville for the city of Alcala de Guadaira. The road was well known to him, and he was very surprised when the car suddenly turned onto an unknown straight six-lane highway. The landscape around him seemed strange to him. For example, cars drove past, on which instead of number plates were narrow white or beige rectangles. And the license plates themselves were completely unfamiliar.

And also from somewhere warmth emanated and voices were heard. One of them informed Ramirez that he had teleported to another dimension …

In a panic, the man continued on his way. About an hour later, he saw a left turn and a road sign for Alcala de Guadaira, Malaga and Sevilla. Ramirez turned in the direction of Seville, but soon found himself approaching Alcala … Returning back, he could not find that road sign and the turn to the mysterious highway.

In 2006, a certain Carol Chase McElheney was returning from Perris (California) to her home in San Bernardino. On the way, she stopped at her hometown of Riverside, intending to stay with her parents.

However, the city seemed strange to her. She was never able to find the house where her parents lived, as well as the houses of her other relatives. All the buildings were unfamiliar, although the addresses were exactly the same. When Carol wanted to visit the cemetery where her grandfather and grandmother were buried, instead of him she saw a wasteland overgrown with weeds.

Nevertheless, the woman nevertheless discovered the buildings of the school and college where she studied. But something stopped her from going in there or talking to someone. She hastened to leave. A few years later, Carol was again forced to come to Riverside for her father's funeral, but this time everything was fine.

One morning in July 2008, 41-year-old Lerina Garcia woke up and soon discovered that something strange was happening. So, she remembered going to bed in different pajamas. Having gone to work, Lerina ended up not in her department, but in some other department, although it was in the same place where she had worked for the last 20 years.

Then the woman went home and found her ex-boyfriend there, with whom she broke up six months ago. Moreover, he behaved as if they were still together. Meanwhile, Lerina's new lover, with whom she had been dating for four months, disappeared without a trace. Even hiring a private detective, she was never able to find either him or his family, as if they never existed.

Lerina believes that she somehow moved to a parallel world, where her life developed somewhat differently than in her “native” dimension, and where some of her close people were absent. Unfortunately, she did not manage to return "back".

Controlled chaos


Researchers Frank and Althea Dobbs in the 70s and 80s of the last century put forward the scientific paradigm of "chaos".

They stated that if we learn to control events that are happening in a chaotic way, then we could get into other dimensions, using only our own consciousness for this.

Together with three colleagues, the Dobbs attempted to create the Chaos Research Institute. It was located in the abandoned town of Hat Onga, New Jersey.

Legend has it that in the 19th century, a man named Ong threw up his hat - and it disappeared forever. Apparently, other objects, and even people, also disappeared here, since by the 1920s the city became extinct. A persistent myth has appeared that in this place there is a gateway to an alternative dimension …

The Dobbs science team allegedly set up a modified sensory deprivation chamber called an "egg" in Ong's Hat, underground. And they and rdirectly managed to penetrate into a parallel world! There were no people there, only plants and water. One of the tales says that the researchers have remained in this deserted dimension forever. However, most likely, this whole story is nothing more than a hoax.