The Woman From Alabama Who Scared The American Military

Video: The Woman From Alabama Who Scared The American Military

Video: The Woman From Alabama Who Scared The American Military
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The Woman From Alabama Who Scared The American Military
The Woman From Alabama Who Scared The American Military
Alabama Woman Who Scared the US Military - FBI, Alabama, Woman
Alabama Woman Who Scared the US Military - FBI, Alabama, Woman

Is it possible to imagine such a powerful American army was frightened by one and, moreover, obviously sick woman? But this is exactly what happened in 1939. At least so says the Mexican magazine "OVNI", to whose editorial office allegedly turned the witness of the incident - a former FBI agent. Before that, he had not told anyone about this.

In those early years, the Security Agency worked closely with the military on several projects. And then one day an FBI agent and his staff received a notification that a certain fortune-teller had told a colonel in a high position some information about his work. This information has been classified as top secret.


The colonel reported this case to his superior, who, in turn, transmitted all the information to Washington. From there they called the FBI and an investigation began. Our witness was sent to lead all the work, and he had to travel to Alabama, where the alleged fortune teller lived. Together with him, two other agents went there, just in case.

Arriving at the scene, they saw a woman sitting in the hallway of her house. The agent asked if she knew why they came to see her. She sat quietly for a while, just looking at the agent, and then replied that they were here because she had told a soldier something about his work at a military base. The woman explained that she could only tell him what she saw in his head. In the same way as she sees everything in the agent's head at this moment.

The intrigued agent asked if she was able to see all the thoughts in the head of any person, and she replied that this was indeed so. The agent asked the woman where she was from, and she replied without any hesitation that she was from another world.

Thinking that she was crazy, the agent, playing along with her, asked why she was on Earth, if she had not lived here before. Without changing her face at all, she replied that she was here taking care of some thing that belonged to her.

Naturally, the agent asked what she was so worried about. This time the essence of her answer was this: this is none of your business and has nothing to do with people at all.

The agent decided that perhaps it would be best to take her with him and interrogate her in more detail to find out exactly what was happening here, but before he could even say a word, she stated that she had no desire to go anywhere. It was. The main agent turned to one of his assistants to order the woman to be escorted to the car.

The assistant did not have time to take a step towards the woman when he suddenly started having seizures.

The woman continued to sit quietly in the chair, as if nothing was happening, and then she also told the main agent that if he intends to do something against her, then none of them will be able to leave this house. The agent had to give up the intention to take her with him.

And as if by magic, his FBI colleague immediately came to his senses. The woman warned them that if they come to her again, she does not vouch for the consequences, that she is not going to appear anywhere for conversations and can show them what will happen if they want to bother her again. The agent asked her to clarify what was at stake. Then she explained that for this you need to choose an uninhabited place, an area of about 260 square kilometers. They should post posts at every corner of the area and come the next day to tell her how everything has been done.

At this point, the agents thought it best to leave her house as quickly as possible. They left the woman and went to the FBI headquarters, where they wrote a report on what had happened.

Their chief contacted the military and told them what had happened. A few hours later, a certain general appeared at the FBI office and announced that he intends to fulfill the requirements of this woman, put an end to all nonsense and arrest her. He also said that the military has several training grounds in the desert and they have already followed all her instructions.

The next morning he called and said that everything was ready and that the area was free. The general then went with the FBI agent to see the woman.

When we got out of the car and approached the house, she was still sitting in the same chair. The agent barely had time to introduce the general when the woman interrupted him and said that she knew perfectly well who he was and what he was doing here. Then she asked them if they had done everything as she ordered, and the general replied in the affirmative. The woman inquired if planes were flying over this area, and the general said that he had blocked air traffic over this area and that all the surrounding area was also free.

She gave him a meaningful look and asked if it was accurate. The general replied that he was sure of it. Nobody had the slightest idea what was going to happen. The general asked when she was going to show them what she had promised.

Desert prairie alabama

The woman said that everything had already been done. The general warned that if she started all this for the sake of a simple circus, he would personally come for her to take her to prison. She just smiled and said that if he or someone else came back to annoy her again, or even for some forgotten thing, then today's demonstration would seem a trifle compared to what would happen then.

Both left and went to their places. The general called the test area and ordered the reconnaissance team to survey the area and report any unusual things they encountered.

… Soon he was informed that there were no signs of life in this area, because all the plants had died and the same thing happened to insects and small animals, and the birds that flew over this area fell dead in flight. The general reported this to the FBI agents who had gathered at his headquarters about this, and gave orders to keep this information secret and not to discuss the incident with anyone else.

From that moment on, the military got down to business. The general also gave orders that no one should ever approach this woman's house. The FBI agents, who knew about the essence of the case, have not spoken to anyone on this topic since then, and, as far as our witness knows, no one disturbed the woman with their appearance and did not try to get in touch with her.

The informant is well aware that the entire incident resembles an excerpt from a thriller or science fiction novel. But he assures that this is exactly how it was. The answer to the question of what kind of woman it was can probably be found in the FBI archives.