How To Get To A Parallel World?

Video: How To Get To A Parallel World?

Video: How To Get To A Parallel World?
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How To Get To A Parallel World?
How To Get To A Parallel World?
How to get to a parallel world? - parallel world
How to get to a parallel world? - parallel world

The existing laws of physics do not deny the bold assumption that Parallel Worlds can be connected by quantum tunnel junctions. This means that theoretically it is possible to move from one world to another without violating the law of conservation of energy. However, the transition will require such a colossal amount of energy that will not be accumulated in our entire Galaxy.


But there is another option. There is a version that the passages to parallel worlds are hidden in the so-called black holes, and they can be a kind of funnels that suck in matter. Black holes, according to cosmologists, may actually turn out to be some kind of "wormholes" - paths from one world to another and back.

“In nature, there could be space-time structures connecting one world with another, like wormholes,” says Vladimir Surdin, senior researcher at the P. Sternberg Astronomical Institute, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. "In principle, mathematics allows their existence."

The possibility of the existence of "wormholes" is not denied by Dmitry Galtsov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Physics Department of Moscow State University. He claims that this is one of the options for moving from one point to another with infinite speed.

"True," the physicist remarked, "no one has seen the 'wormholes' yet, they have yet to be found."

This hypothesis could be confirmed by the disclosure of the mystery of the emergence of new stars. Astronomers have long puzzled over the nature of the origin of some celestial bodies. From the outside, it looks like the emergence of a substance out of nothing. Such phenomena can be a consequence of the splashing out of matter into the Universe from parallel worlds. It can also be assumed that any body is capable of moving to a parallel world.

British medium Dame Forsyth made a loud statement more than ten years ago that she had found a transition to a parallel world. The reality she discovered turned out to be a copy of our world, only without problems, diseases and any hint of aggression.

Forsyth's discovery was preceded by a series of mysterious disappearances of teenagers at a fairground laughter in Kent. In 1998, four young visitors did not leave at once. Three years later, two more disappeared. Then another. The police were knocked down, but found no sign of the kidnapping.

There are many mysteries in this story. Kent detective Sean Murphy says that all of the missing were familiar with each other, and the disappearances happened in the last Thursday of the month. Most likely, a serial maniac "hunts" there. According to Murphy, the culprit entered the house of laughter through a secret passage, which, however, was not discovered by the police. As well as other traces of the killer's activities.

After the searches, the booth had to be closed. Whatever one may say, it turned out that the wanted teenagers almost disappeared into thin air. After the closure of the mysterious room, the loss stopped.

“The exit to that world was in one of the distorting mirrors,” says Forsyth. - It was possible to use it, apparently, only from the other side. Probably someone accidentally opened it when the first missing persons were nearby. And then the teenagers who fell into this trap began to take their friends there”.

Curved mirrors were also observed during the study of the pyramids in Tibet by Professor Ernst Muldashev. According to him, many of these giant structures have various sizes of concave, semicircular and flat stone planes, which scientists have called mirrors because of their smooth surface.

In the area of their alleged action, the members of the Muldashev expedition did not feel very well. Some saw themselves in childhood, some seemed to be transported to unfamiliar places. According to the scientist, through these mirrors, standing near the Tibetan pyramids, you can change the flow of time and control space. Ancient legends say that such complexes were used to go to parallel worlds, and, according to Muldashev, this cannot be considered a complete fantasy.

Australian parapsychologist Jean Grimbriard concluded that among the many anomalous zones in the world, there are about 40 tunnels leading to other worlds, four of which are in Australia and seven in America.

What these "hellish tunnels" have in common is that chilling screams and groans are heard from the depths, and every year more than a hundred people disappear into them without a trace. One of the most famous sites is a limestone cave in California National Park, which supposedly can be entered but not exited. There are not even traces of the missing.

There are also "hellish places" in Russia. For example, there are rumors that there is a mysterious mine under Gelendzhik, which, according to local ethnographers, has existed since the 18th century. It is a straight well with a diameter of about 1.5 m with polished walls. When a man ventured into the mine a couple of years ago, at a depth of 40 m, the Geiger counter showed a sharp increase in the background radiation.

And since earlier from a strange illness several volunteers had already died trying to examine the well, the descent was immediately stopped. There are rumors that the mine has no bottom, some kind of incomprehensible life flows there, in the depths, and time, violating all laws, accelerates its pace. According to rumors, one kid went down into the mine, and he got stuck there for a week, and already gray-haired and old went upstairs.

Aged for an hour and a half, 32-year-old Ioannos Kolofidis, a resident of a village located on the Greek island of Tilos, climbed out of the well to the surface. The local well has long been considered bottomless. The water in it, even in the heat, remained icy.

It's time to clean it up. Colofidis volunteered to do the job. He put on a wetsuit and was lowered into the mine. The work went on for about an hour and a half. Three people from time to time pulled up a bucket of silt. Suddenly, on the surface, they heard frequent blows to metal. It seemed that Colophidis was begging to get him up as soon as possible.

When the poor fellow was dragged out, his comrades were almost speechless: in front of them on the ground lay a decrepit old man with absolutely white hair on his head, a long beard and in shabby, worn-out clothes. But what happened in the well remained a mystery - a few hours later, Kolofidis died. An autopsy showed that he died of old age.

Another creepy well is allegedly located in the Kaliningrad region. In 2004, two shabashniks, Nikolai and Mikhail, contracted to dig a well in one of the villages. At a depth of about 10 m, the excavators heard many-voiced human groans from under the ground under their feet. Terrified, the diggers got out. Local residents bypass this "cursed place" side, believing that it was there that the Nazis staged mass executions during the war years.

The ancient castle, located near the town of Comcriff (Scotland), has recently become a place of disappearance of adventure lovers. The current owner of the castle, Robert McDogley, acquired it inexpensively just out of interest. Further we will give his story:

“Once I stayed until midnight in the basement, where I discovered old books on black magic. Dusk fell quickly, and the blue glow emanating from the large central hall seemed strange to me. When I entered there, a bright bluish-gray sheaf of light hit me in the face, emanating from a three-meter portrait, the colors of which seemed so worn out during the day that it was impossible to make out the drawing.

Now I clearly saw a person depicted on it at full height, whose clothes were made of clearly incompatible details of costumes from different eras - from the 15th to the 20th centuries. When I got closer to get a better look at everything, a heavy portrait fell off the wall and fell on me."

Miraculously Sir Robert survived. But rumors about the incident spread quickly and began to attract a lot of tourists. Once, two exalted elderly ladies entered and climbed into a niche that opened behind the portrait after it fell. And immediately … disappeared into thin air.

Rescuers tapped all the walls and went through all the rooms with special radars, but found nothing. Psychics, attracted as experts, came to the conclusion that a door to a parallel world "sealed" for several centuries opened in the castle, where the tourists disappeared. However, neither psychics nor police dared to check this assumption and enter the niche.