Accidental Falling Of People Into A World Similar To The Usual One, But With Many Differences

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Video: Accidental Falling Of People Into A World Similar To The Usual One, But With Many Differences

Video: Accidental Falling Of People Into A World Similar To The Usual One, But With Many Differences
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Accidental Falling Of People Into A World Similar To The Usual One, But With Many Differences
Accidental Falling Of People Into A World Similar To The Usual One, But With Many Differences
Accidental hits of people in a world similar to the usual, but with multiple differences - a parallel world, parallel worlds
Accidental hits of people in a world similar to the usual, but with multiple differences - a parallel world, parallel worlds

From time to time, people suddenly find themselves in a world similar to their usual one, but with significant differences. Sometimes this does not last long and people manage to come back, leaving behind questions where they have been, how they got there and how they returned. And sometimes people could not get back to their world and forever remained in the world where they got.


The most famous of these stories is the story of "The Man of Tuared".

The mystery of Taured or "Man without a Country" is a mystical incident that took place at a Japanese airport. Many people believe in the truth of this story. The main secret: what is Taured. Neither today nor in the 50s such a country existed on the world map. The disappearance of this man a day later marked the end of the story. In addition, his documents - passport and copyrights - disappeared with him, so the mystery remained unsolved.


It was a hot July day in 1954. A European-looking traveler has arrived at Tokyo's Haneda International Airport. His first language was French, and he also spoke Japanese and other languages. Nothing extraordinary.

Further, eyewitnesses of this story disagree in their testimonies. According to one version, this man submitted his passport for a stamp, and the Japanese customs officer noticed something strange. The passport did not look fake, but the country where it was issued did not exist on the world map. The customs officer took the traveler to clarify the circumstances. According to another version, the person mentioned that he is from the country of Taured. When they didn’t believe the customs, he showed them his passport.

The traveler insisted that Taured was real. According to him, Taured is located between France and Spain and has existed for 1000 years.

When the map was handed to him, he pointed to the place where Andorra was. He wondered why his country was listed as Andorra on the map. Japanese customs officials argued that Taured did not exist, and the traveler stood his ground.

Customs decided to detain the person. They suspected he was a criminal. They investigated the incident, and he was taken to spend the night at a hotel nearby. To prevent the suspicious tourist from escaping, two guards were placed at his room. The next morning, customs officers entered his room and found that he had disappeared without a trace.

It is unclear how he escaped. In addition, all of his personal documents, which could confirm the veracity of the story, also mysteriously disappeared. According to another version, he was secretly hidden in an insane asylum and there he died.

One of the common explanations is that the man from Taured accidentally came from a parallel dimension. According to this theory, there is a parallel Earth, similar to ours. But there Andorra is called Taured. According to another hypothesis, it was a traveler from the future, but this theory seems even less plausible.


In 2006, Carol Chase McElheney was traveling from Perris, California, to her home in San Bernardino. She decided to stay in Riverside - the city where she was born. However, Carol quickly realized that this was not the right city, although geographically it was where it should be.

She claims that she could not find the home where she spent her childhood and where her parents still lived, or the homes of other family members. She did not recognize any houses at all, although the numbers and names of the streets seemed to be correct. Even the cemetery where her grandparents were buried turned out to be just a fenced wasteland overgrown with weeds.


Maybe she just stopped in the wrong city? She would have thought so if she hadn’t found high school and college acquaintances. However, Carol did not look for familiar buildings for long - it was in the eerie atmosphere of this Riverside. The inhabitants were somehow strange, and she soon left the city, being afraid to approach any of them.

Carol believes she has entered a parallel dimension, where her Riverside was a much more sinister place.

The story cannot be confirmed - when, a few years later, she again came to Riverside for her father's funeral, she ended up in an ordinary city where she grew up. Carol never went to Alternate Riverside.


In July 2008, 41-year-old woman with a good education, Lerina Garcia woke up in her bed on a perfectly ordinary morning. She started her normal day, but gradually she discovered small details that seemed very strange.

For example, her pajamas were different from the one in which she went to bed. She decided that she had messed up something, and went to work, where she had worked for the last 20 years. However, when she arrived at her department, she realized that this was not her department, despite the fact that it was in its usual place and on the same floor.

Deciding that something strange was definitely happening, Lerina returned home and found her ex-boyfriend there, with whom she broke up six months ago. He acted as if they were still together. And her new lover, with whom she had lived for four months, was nowhere to be found. He was never found even after hiring a private detective: no trace of himself or his family could be found.

Although what happened to Garcia seems to be some kind of neurological disorder, she herself believes that she woke up in a parallel universe. Unfortunately for poor Garcia, she was never able to return to her home universe, forever stuck in a dimension where she lives with her ex-boyfriend, whom she cannot get rid of.


At about 11 pm on November 9, 1986, Pedro Oliva Ramirez, he said, drove from Seville, Spain, to the city of Alcala de Guadaira. He had traveled this road more than once and was shocked when the road suddenly made a turn and he found himself on an unfamiliar straight six-lane highway.


There were strange objects around him, and indeed everything was strange. He felt warmth, and at some distance from him voices were heard.

One voice stood out from the general chorus - it was he who informed Ramirez that he had just teleported to another dimension.

Old cars with white or beige narrow rectangles of unfamiliar license plates passed by Ramirez at exactly eight minutes apart.

After about an hour's drive, Ramirez found a left turn. The road sign said that on this road you can go to Alcala, Malaga and Seville. Ramirez drove towards Seville, but was very surprised to see that he had almost reached Alcala de Guadaira. He returned, but could not find an intersection, road sign, or six-lane highway again.


In May 1972, four girls were returning to Utah Southern University after a Saturday rodeo in Pioche. When they crossed the state line between the states of Utah and Nevada around ten in the evening, they stumbled upon a fork. They turned left and entered Gadianton Canyon.

Suddenly, the dark asphalt turned into white cement. Deciding that they just turned the wrong way, the girls drove back, but, to their surprise, they saw fields of cereals and yellow pines, not a desert.

They decided to stop at a roadside cafe and ask for directions, but quickly changed their minds when one of the girls started screaming hysterically. And it was from what. Behind them from the top of the hill, four brightly glowing egg-shaped vehicles on three wheels descended at great speed.


The frightened girls rushed back to the canyon, and the white cement was replaced by the familiar dark asphalt, and around them was the familiar desert again.

The girls were unlucky - they punctured one tire, the car skidded, and they left traces of three tires on the road. They had to wait until morning to walk to Highway 56, where they met a soldier of the National Guard.

Their story sounds like fiction, but the tire tracks are hard to explain. The tracks left by their "Chevy" ended only 200 meters in the desert, and the girls, they said, drove more than three kilometers north of the highway.

And there is no physical evidence of their journey, except, perhaps, a car cap that fell off a wheel - it was never found. Maybe he is still lying somewhere in the desert of Utah, or maybe on display in a museum on a parallel Earth.