The Tractor Driver Disappeared Right From The Tractor On The Go

Video: The Tractor Driver Disappeared Right From The Tractor On The Go

Video: The Tractor Driver Disappeared Right From The Tractor On The Go
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The Tractor Driver Disappeared Right From The Tractor On The Go
The Tractor Driver Disappeared Right From The Tractor On The Go
The tractor driver disappeared right from the tractor on the go - disappearance, disappearance
The tractor driver disappeared right from the tractor on the go - disappearance, disappearance

There are many stories about how this or that person disappears forever literally in front of eyewitnesses in anthologies of anomalous phenomena. True, they come mainly from abroad, much less is known about Russian cases, but they also exist.

Researchers of anomalous phenomena believe that in such cases, people simply fall into invisible "doors" or "portals" to other dimensions, which open for an instant and then do not release anyone back.


This story was told many years ago by the tractor driver A. Kiselev from the Krasnodar Territory:

“My friend Vanka and I always worked together. He plows one field on his tractor, and I on mine - another, neighboring one. And then one day I plow the land in my field, and out of the corner of my eye I see - in the neighboring field, where Vanka works, something is wrong. Vankin's tractor drove off the field and fell into a deep ditch with its "nose", that is, the motor.

On the other side of the ditch, a wide asphalt road ran across the steppe. Cars, trucks and intercity buses scurried back and forth along it. I decided that Ivan suddenly felt bad and he lost consciousness.

I stopped my tractor, got out of its cab and rushed with all my might towards Vanka's tractor, which had driven into the ditch.

I run up. The engine in the tractor is running, and the tractor itself is shaking, shaking, because the caterpillars under it rotate idle, scraping the sloping slope of the ditch in one place.

I saw that no one was driving the tractor. Where has gone, I think, my friend Vanka? Well, I turned off the engine of his tractor and let's look around. Ivan is nowhere to be found! For a long time I was looking for him both in the field and in the forest belts that fenced the field. It's all wasted. The man has disappeared. Moreover, the impression was that he disappeared no one knows where right from the tractor cab. He disappeared without even having time to turn off the running motor!

In the end, I gave up my useless search, jumped out onto the road and braked the first ride I came across. I arrived at the main estate of our state farm. I came there to the board and I reported to the authorities - they say, so and so, Vanka disappeared.

They didn't believe me at first. But I nevertheless, with a great creak, persuaded the authorities to go with me to the place where Ivan and I plowed the land. And the bosses went. Ooh, this is where it started! The police have come in large numbers! They searched, searched, looked for Ivan, but they never found him anywhere.

Vanka disappeared, as if the devil took him straight from the tractor cabin! Here's a story. As I remember, it happens, about her, so immediately goosebumps start running down the back."

And here is another similar story from the Russian open spaces. The truth is also not new.

Folklorist D. Balashov recorded in a village on the shores of the White Sea the story of local residents about the mysterious disappearance of their fellow countryman. The recording was made in the early sixties of the twentieth century, and the story of the disappearance of a person itself happened a few years earlier.

Here is how it was. A group of men were sitting in broad daylight on the blockage in front of the hut. About fifty meters from the hut there was a haystack. Suddenly, from somewhere on the side, a young deer ran out from behind the hut.

One of the peasants sitting on the heap immediately recognized her as a deer who had fought off a herd of reindeer that belonged to this peasant a few days ago.

Our reindeer breeder immediately jumped up from the rubble. He chased the deer, hoping to catch her. I ran behind the wall and …

“And since then,” the witnesses of the incident told the folklorist Balashov, “no one has ever seen him again. The person is missing!

The third story is more recent, and although it was officially believed that the missing person drowned, there is reason to think that he also mysteriously disappeared from nowhere.

“My disappeared husband was a great lover of fishing,” said I. Orlova, a village teacher from the Voronezh region. - I stress that he was completely healthy, physically strong. He was an excellent swimmer. He had his own boat and a large set of fishing tackle.

One Sunday afternoon, he left home before dawn began. He was very fond of fishing in the morning dawn, when the fish bite especially well. The husband did not return from fishing.


Worried and slightly alarmed, I went to the river around noon. I knew well the places on its shore, beloved by my husband. Quickly enough I managed to find his boat. She was stretched out with her nose to the sandy shore. All the fishing tackle was laid out in it so that it was immediately obvious that the husband had not even begun to fish yet. This surprised me a lot.

I began to shout loudly, call my husband. But he did not respond. Terribly frightened, I rushed in search, ran a lot along the river bank, fumbled there in the bushes. A terrible thought came to my mind: maybe he drowned ?! But how could this happen if he was an excellent swimmer. The matter ended with the fact that I turned to the police.

There they decided that my husband, apparently, had drowned after all. The search for his body in the river ended in nothing. We searched for a long time with the help of hooks. Our river is relatively wide, but very shallow, with a weak current.

People who were looking for the body of a drowned man with hooks were very much surprised that they never found it. According to them, they simply had to find the body if it was somewhere at the bottom of the river. Where, then, has my husband gone, one wonders? I am lost in conjecture. I don't understand anything."