How I Got Into An Unusual Reality

Video: How I Got Into An Unusual Reality

Video: How I Got Into An Unusual Reality
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How I Got Into An Unusual Reality
How I Got Into An Unusual Reality

This story was told by a certain Miriam Golding, resident of Chicago. Once, just leaving the elevator, she found herself in an unusual place, in another dimension or in a parallel world. The story comes from her face and she told it years later, when she was already a lady of age. Her entire story is conveyed in great detail.

This incident is also unique in that a woman in the "other world" met a young man who was obviously also lost in an unknown dimension.

“The memories of the incident that happened to me in the fall of 1934 still thrill me. In my mind I always call it“the station.”I wonder what would have happened to me if somehow I didn’t come back?

I was a young girl. My husband was still my fiancé back then, and we lived in Chicago. We were both students of a music school and were returning from a concert in the afternoon. Finding that we still had plenty of free time before dinner at his family's house, we decided to wander around in a nearby music store.

Chicago 30s


We got into the elevator and, as soon as we were in the store, sat on stools to read about the latest news in literature. I was leafing through a magazine when my fiancé Stan pushed me at the clock.

I'm sure we both returned to the elevator, but in the commotion on the way down we lost each other. When I arrived, as it seemed to me, on the first floor, I tried to push my way to the exit, but was thrown back. The door closed again and we drove downstairs. I thought I could hear my fiance screaming my name as the elevator descended below street level. Finally, there was the familiar muffled knock, announcing the end of the shaft in the old elevators, and the door opened again.

I was about to stay to go back upstairs, but the angry elevator shouted: "Let's go all!" As soon as I left, I was surprised to find myself in a huge room, undoubtedly a basement, but not an office building in the city center. Boxes and crates were piled everywhere. Gloomy, sweating people pushed carriages or drove small carriages loaded with suitcases and other luggage.

Examining the area, I found a large iron staircase in the corner that looked like a fire escape. Approaching her, I saw a light above, so I hurried to get up. Reaching the top, which was indeed above the ground and was flooded with daylight, I was dumbfounded. Not a trace of the store I left from. In general, nothing that should have been there is not visible.

There was nothing extraordinary in my surroundings, but this place was completely unfamiliar to me. I was at the big train station! Passengers hurried in droves everywhere. There were the usual signs "To the trains", "Waiting room", "Buffet", "Tickets". I was so absorbed in my surroundings that I almost ran over a poor woman. I apologized, but she didn't even notice me.

I never saw signs informing about the arrival or departure of trains, no timetables, and I wanted to know where I got to. Only then did the announcer's voice separate from the noise and read a long list of names. However, I rarely usually understood railway announcements, and in this I did not understand a word.

Loitering in confusion, I finally noticed the information booth. There was a line in front of her, and I got into it. Standing in line, I felt that it would, of course, be silly to ask the question where I actually am, but when I got to the girl and asked him, she didn’t seem to notice me at all. My patience ran out and I hurried away.

I walked along the wall until I saw a sign "Out into the street" and went out into the fresh air. I still didn't know where I was. The day was wonderful, warm, the sky was blue, cloudless, you would have thought it would be the middle of summer, if not for the yellow, purple and orange leaves of the trees along the avenue. Opposite the station was a new red-brick building that looked like a church.


There were also a lot of people on the street, everyone looked healthy and happy. I smiled at a few passers-by, but received only expressionless looks in return. I heard friendly voices, but I couldn't make out a word. The place seemed so ordinary that I was hardly scared, who in such a situation would not be puzzled or confused?

Wandering aimlessly along the street, I noticed a blond boy in front of him, who was standing in the center of the alley, looking at the sides. Approaching him, I took a step to the side to pass by, and then he smiled at me, touched my hand, as if to make sure that I was real. I stopped and smiled back at him.

He said, hesitating: "I think you … also got off at the wrong stop?" I suddenly realized that, as unthinkable as it seemed, the same thing happened to him. Our common troubles created a bond between us, and, intending to come up with something, we walked on together along the wide avenue.

“It's very strange,” he said. “I played tennis at home and went to the dressing room to change my shoes. When I got out, I found myself … at this station. " "And where's your house?" I asked. “Well, of course, in Lincoln, Nebraska,” he replied, surprised. "But I started this journey … in Chicago!" - I said.

We moved on, discussing everything we had ever heard or read about time travel, teleportation, other spatial dimensions, but none of us knew enough about such things, and so we did not solve anything.

After a while, the street became less crowded. Ahead of us, the road went downhill. Soon the city was left behind. We were out of town, ahead of us could be seen the deep blue expanse of a lake or ocean. It was an amazing sight, and we ran down the hill to the sandy beach, where we sat down on a large rock to take a breath. It was really nice, warm and fresh there. On the horizon, the sun was already leaning towards the water, and we assumed that the west was somewhere in that direction.

As we watched the sun go down, we noticed a large sandbank nearby. I thought I could hear voices coming from there. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name, and getting a little used to the bright sunlight, I saw, much to my surprise, that one of the girls on the beach was my fiance's sister. There were others with her, and they all waved and shouted.

My new friend jumped up excited. “This is great! he said. "Maybe they are some kind of … connection or … link?" He found the right words and, as he spoke, tore off his clothes until he was in tennis shorts. "I'm going there! he shouted. "They see us!" They know you! It's not far, I can swim in a few minutes."

He dived into the waves and swam. I watched him sail away with inner excitement. From time to time he shouted back at them and swam again. The silhouettes remained in the shallows, and their voices still reached me. But while he was swimming, something strange happened: no matter how hard he tried, he could not get any closer to the shallows. Then gradually she began to seem more and more distant.

Finally he turned and swam back to the shore, where he collapsed on the sand in exhaustion. There was nothing to say. When we looked there again, the sandbank was gone. There was no fog or haze. The sun was quite low in the sky, but it was still very light. However, the sandbank disappeared.

I can't imagine what we would do next. Suddenly, darkness enveloped me. It felt like I was suspended in space, and then I was already sitting on a stool in a music store again! The magazine was still open before me. The clock struck and employees were cleaning the counters in preparation for closing.

I looked around, expecting to see my fiancé, fully confident that he was still there, but he was nowhere to be found. I decided it was best to go straight to his house. This time I used the stairs!

When I got home, my fiance opened the door for me. He looked as if a mountain had been lifted off his shoulders. He said that he lost me near the elevator, and when he came out on the first floor, he could not find me. Thinking that I got off on a different floor, he waited a little, and then finally decided to go home.

The rest of the family was already in the dining room, and we followed everyone without the slightest reasoning. Upon entering the room, I was more than surprised to see Stan's sister with the same friends as on the sandbank. She said, smiling, "We saw you in the city, but you were so busy with each other that you didn't even hear us!"