Where Did I Wake Up?

Where Did I Wake Up?
Where Did I Wake Up?

I was born and live in Kaliningrad on a small Soldatskaya street. This street existed even under the Germans and was named after their agricultural chemist Liebig.

Since that time, there has been a cannery, now a fish cannery. It can be seen from the windows of my house, in which I have lived since 1985. This is also an old German three-story building under a tiled roof (by the way, it is on the map back in 1929).

I am 49 years old. I’m not a drug addict, I don’t drink alcohol (except mulled wine for the New Year), I don’t even smoke. I practically do not use medications and certainly have not tried those that affect the psyche. I have never experienced any auditory or visual hallucinations.


Even when I experienced clinical death at the age of 19, I did not see the tunnel, the light, or myself from the outside, I just fell into darkness and I don’t remember how the doctors brought me out of this state. In general, I am a practical, sane and far from mystic person. And, perhaps, what I will describe is the only mysterious incident that happened in my life.

It happened in the winter of 1997. It turned out to be very difficult, especially in February, when this story happened. Our house is heated by the boiler room of the fish cannery. At that time, she worked on fuel oil and drowned very badly. They said that they were simply supplied with low-quality fuel. Then I lived alone, even took a kitten later, in the same year, but already in September.

I usually slept in sweatpants, a sweater and woolen socks in winter - the batteries barely warmed up. The windows in the apartment were papered, the front door was securely locked with locks and a strong chain. It was never dark in my apartment, since my two windows looked out onto the facade of the plant, which not only sparkled with all the windows (work there went in three shifts), but was also illuminated by street lamps and a searchlight.

Somehow in the middle of the night I somehow woke up and was amazed at the almost complete darkness and silence surrounding me. Not realizing sleepily what was wrong, I went to the switch, pressed - the light did not come on. Deciding that the light bulb had burned out, I went into the corridor. The light did not come on even there. The same was waiting for me in the kitchen.

And then I suddenly realized that I was standing on the floor barefoot and I was wearing not a tracksuit, but a long, light dress. I ran my hand over it, to the touch it turned out to be from a soft knitted and obviously natural material. It was blue, although, perhaps, the dim light of the lantern penetrating through the window “painted” it that color.

I looked around and was amazed. My apartment, always full of old furniture, clothes, books, press, was completely empty. Although I had no doubt that this was my apartment - the area, the layout, and the floor coincided.

As it turned out, I woke up not on my bulky oak sofa, but on a simple trestle bed. The kitchen also turned out to be empty - no sink, no stove, only a low box in the shape of a parallelepiped stood by the window. I poorly examined it, and did not understand that it was either a locker or a seat.

But most of all I was amazed when I looked out the kitchen window. The building of the combine, quite recognizable in shape and size, was not only not illuminated by a searchlight and lanterns, there were not even windows in it! It looked like a monolith, as if a huge dark shiny box had been put on the building. And also snow disappeared from the street, as well as spruce, which always grew in front of the plant.

In the courtyard, in its usual place, almost opposite the entrance, a single lantern was burning. Yes, only he shone with a strange blue light, which I have never seen in all the years (the lantern was usually white, purple or orange, but not blue).

But most of all I was frightened by the amazing silence, some kind of abnormal, grave. In general, I got the feeling that there is no one else in the world except me!

I was literally shaking with horror. “Where did I go? - I thought. - To another world? The worst fairy tale? To the past? To the future? And what am I going to do here all alone?!.."

As if on autopilot, I went to the front door, checked the locks and chain - everything turned out to be in order. Although what an order here!.. Then I returned to the bedroom, lay down on the trestle bed and covered my head with some kind of rough, hard blanket. And I lay for a long time, trying to calm the trembling that was beating me.

I don't remember how I fell asleep. In the morning I woke up in my usual apartment. The furniture was in place, the lights were on everywhere, outside the window behind the fir trees could be seen the windows of the building of the combine. The world was exactly the same as before!

When I told my mother about everything, she suggested that it was just a deep sleep. But I could not be mistaken - I was just waking up! The only question is: where?