The Mysterious Disappearance Of Charles Ashmore And David Lang

Video: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Charles Ashmore And David Lang

Video: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Charles Ashmore And David Lang
Video: The Mysterious Disappearance of David Lang | Multiple Dimension Story 2023, September
The Mysterious Disappearance Of Charles Ashmore And David Lang
The Mysterious Disappearance Of Charles Ashmore And David Lang
The Mysterious Disappearance of Charles Ashmore and David Lang - The Disappearance
The Mysterious Disappearance of Charles Ashmore and David Lang - The Disappearance

Christian Ashmore's family consisted of his wife, mother, two adult daughters and a son of sixteen. They lived in Troy, New York and were wealthy and respectable people.

In 1871 or 1872, the Ashmore family moved from Troy to Richmond, Indiana, and a year or two later to the vicinity of Quincy, Illinois, where Mr. Ashmore bought a farm and settled on it. Almost next to the house there was a stream in which clean cold water flowed, from where the family took water for household use at any time of the year.

On the evening of November 9, 1878, at about nine o'clock, a young Charles Ashmore sat by the fireplace, then he got up, took a tin bucket and went to the stream. Since he did not return for a long time, the family became worried. Having approached the door and opened it, the father called his son, but received no answer. Then he lit the lantern and went in search of his eldest daughter Martha.


A light snow fell, and the footprints of the young man were visible on the path - every footprint was clearly visible. Having passed a little more than half of the way, about 75 meters, my father suddenly stopped, he raised his lantern and began to peer into the darkness. "What happened, father?" the girl asked.

And the following happened: the footprints of the young man suddenly broke off, and then there was smooth, untouched snow. The last prints of the tracks were as clear as all the previous ones - even the indentations from the heads of the nails in the snow were visible.

Mr. Ashmore looked up. The stars twinkled, there was not a cloud in the sky, what he saw defied explanation. Walking around the last tracks to leave them untouched for further investigation, the man headed to the stream, followed by a weakened and frightened girl in an instant.

Both were silent, shocked by what they saw. The stream has been covered with ice for a considerable time. In the morning, the light did not reveal anything new. Smooth, clean, untouched first snow lay everywhere.

Four days later, the grief-stricken mother herself went to the stream to fetch water. Returning, she said that, passing by the place where the trail ended, she heard the voice of her son and immediately began to call him. As it seemed to her, the voice came from one direction, then from another, then she was exhausted. When asked what the voice said, she was unable to answer, but claimed that the words were heard quite clearly.

At one point, the whole family was at this place, but no one heard anything, but they thought about the voice that it was a hallucination caused by the mother's anxiety and her upset nerves. But months later, at irregular intervals, the voice was heard by several more family members. Everyone claimed that it was undoubtedly the voice of Charles Ashmore.

Everyone agreed that he came from a great distance, was barely audible, but with distinct articulation, but no one was able to determine directions or repeat what he said. The intervals of silence grew longer and longer, and the voice grew fainter and farther, and by the middle of summer it was no longer heard.

A very similar case of disappearance was published in June 1953 in Faith magazine. The story was called "How did my father disappear?" and was allegedly based on an interview that writer Stuart Palmer had with Sarah Lange in 1931. Sarah talks about how her father disappeared without a trace David Lange.

Sumner County, Tennessee, David Lange walked on September 23, 1880, across a field near his home. His wife watched him from the porch while their children, George and Sarah, played in the yard. Just at this time a lawyer, Judge August Peck and his brother-in-law were driving up to the house in a carriage.

Suddenly Mrs. Lange screamed, and the men froze in place with amazement and horror. Right before their eyes, David Lange disappeared. An intensified search for Lang led nowhere.

Yet years after this incredible incident, a rough circle 15 feet in diameter was visible where he disappeared. Nothing grew inside this circle, it seemed that even insects would not crawl there. One day, Lang's children went inside the circle and heard their father's voice coming from nowhere. David Lang was never seen again.

Unfortunately, when they began to disassemble the story about Lange in detail, it turned out that some facts indicate its unreliability. For example, there is no mention of the Lang family and Judge August Peck in the Sumner County archives.

However, it is interesting to note some similarities between the mentioned disappearances of David Lang and Charles Ashmore. The voices of both were apparently faintly audible in the places of their disappearance. In both cases, the voices gradually became fainter until they could no longer be heard.

While this is all speculation, it is possible that David Lang and Charles Ashmore continued to exist in the dimensions they entered. The inevitable silence that followed suggests that their existence there was not long. Or maybe they tried unsuccessfully to re-enter their world in the places of disappearance. Having failed to achieve anything, they most likely left for other places in their invisible world.

On the other hand, the curvature between the dimensions that each of them went through was probably gradually clogging up. It quickly became too small to allow them to return through it, but it was enough for faint sounds and noises to pass through. After some time, the curvature was completely closed.

It can be said with sufficient certainty that these people did not just get lost in the dimension in which they lived, but, most likely, fell into some invisible area, which is still inaccessible to human understanding.