Strange Cases Of Accidental Slippage Of People Into Another Reality

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Video: Strange Cases Of Accidental Slippage Of People Into Another Reality

Video: Strange Cases Of Accidental Slippage Of People Into Another Reality
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Strange Cases Of Accidental Slippage Of People Into Another Reality
Strange Cases Of Accidental Slippage Of People Into Another Reality
Strange cases of accidental slippage of people into another reality - parallel worlds, another dimension
Strange cases of accidental slippage of people into another reality - parallel worlds, another dimension

The idea of the existence of alternative / parallel worlds next to us has long been no longer the prerogative of just science fiction; in recent years, it seems more and more often various researchers say that this can be completely real.

And if we exist in a world surrounded by many other universes and dimensions, there is nothing strange in the fact that from time to time these worlds will somehow come into contact with each other and people from one world can "slip" into another world.

We have previously published similar cases, when people accidentally found themselves in another world or dimension, but the cases, which we will discuss below, seem even more strange and incomprehensible against their background.


Who was I chatting with in the break room?

About this case in 2013 told the user of the site about the anomalous phenomena "Unexplained Mysteries". In her opinion, she fell into some kind of rift in the space-time field. It happened at work in a large supermarket during the night shift during a break, when a female consultant and her friend, also a sales consultant, were sitting in the staff break room. They chatted and everything was as usual.

“My partner always carried an orange bottle of water with her. During our chatter that time, she put this bottle on an empty table next to ours. Then she said that she would go to the toilet for a minute and left. took her bottle from the table and left the room, saying that she would be in front of the store.

About five minutes after she left, another friend of mine, who is also my immediate supervisor, entered the room. She was a little angry and she said it was because there were fewer sellers in the store that night. After that, I mentioned that I had just talked to the girl who works with me that night. It is important to note that my boss and my first friend also knew each other well and were also friends.

I mentioned that this girl was just here and she came out shortly before the boss came in. To this I was told that it was impossible, because because of her time off, she was not assigned to work on this night shift, and that is why now the store does not have enough staff.

I could not understand what she was saying, I was firmly convinced that I sat in this room for at least ten minutes and talked with that girl. But the boss continued to say that she could not be there. I started to argue with her, telling what the girl was wearing and mentioned her orange bottle of water, which she put on the next table.

And then my boss told me something interesting. She said that whenever she went into the lounge with that girl on other days, she always put her orange bottle on the same table at which her companion was sitting. But she never put it on the next empty table, as happened today. This surprised me a lot, but I continued to insist that I saw that girl and talked to her.

It got to the point that the boss called her on the phone in front of me and then gave me the phone and she answered me and said that she was in another city right now! As it turned out, she went there with her friends, for which she took a day off, and that they are now three hours away from our city. And I also talked to her friends and they said the same thing.

But the oddities didn't end there. After my telephone conversation, another employee of ours came into the rest room and she said that earlier she had heard me talking loudly to someone in the rest room (it was just at the time when I was talking with the mistress of the orange bottle of water) and that she didn’t want to interfere with us to come in and take her lunch from the fridge and waited for us to finish talking, but when we stopped talking (this was at the time when the friend took her bottle and left) no one left the rest room .

Translucent man

Another incident happened with an eyewitness named Walter Rawls. Jerry Decker, a researcher of anomalous phenomena, told about him. Rawls conducted a strange experiment right at home with monopolar magnets placed on the head in the area of the pineal gland - the pineal gland. The magnets were supposed to stimulate the pineal gland.

According to Rawls, during the experiment, he noticed an obscure and translucent human figure entering his room, passing through it, and then disappearing into the opposite wall. This was repeated several times and each time this man became clearer and more material and it seemed to Rawls that this man noticed his presence. And then something even more unusual happened.

"It was the third week that Rawls was working on the experiment," wrote Jerry Decker. this was the same translucent person he had observed earlier, and he watched this pastoral scene with a man and a woman sitting on a hill for several minutes.

Therefore, the man looked towards Rawls and he looked frightened. As if he saw a ghost. Maybe he had noticed him earlier, when he appeared in Rawls' room, but considered him a ghost. Then the image disappeared and the wall fell back into place. After all that happened, Rawls never again experimented with his pineal stimulant."


In this regard, we can recall the mystical thriller "The Others" (2001) with actress Nicole Kidman in the title role. Throughout the film, we are shown an old Victorian house where a widow lives with two children, whose husband was recently killed in World War II. The woman's children suffer from a strange photophobia, because of which it is necessary to always keep doors and windows closed and curtained, strange servants live in the house, and strange phenomena occur, which ghosts are accused of.

Only at the very end do we learn that the widow herself and her children were actually ghosts. That now is not the end of the Second World War, but a much closer time to us, and another family lives in this old house. It was their activity in the house that the widow took for that of ghosts.

Their traces "seeped" from the real world into its strange afterlife and maybe people from other spaces and dimensions, we who live in our world, also take for ghosts, poltergeist or something else, when traces of their activities accidentally fall into our world …

Time loop in the Grand Canyon

Another strange case was described by the famous researcher of anomalous phenomena Brad Steiger in his book "The Reality Game and How to Win It". He is associated with a man named Charles Ingersoll of Clokey, Minnesota.

In 1955, Ingersoll traveled to the Grand Canyon area for the first time to take photographs with his brand new camera, which went on sale in the same 1955. He returned from there a week later, went to Michigan, and there by chance in a bookstore noticed a tourist guide to the Grand Canyon, published in 1948.


When he started flipping through this guide out of curiosity, he was amazed to find in it a photo of himself in the Grand Canyon in 1948! He immediately recognized himself and in that picture his camera was captured with him.

Ingersoll was even more surprised when he remembered that he really wanted to go to the Grand Canyon in 1948, but that trip was canceled for a number of reasons.

It would seem that it may not be him at all, but just a man who looks like him. But the camera was the same one that came out in 1955 and it certainly could not appear in the 1948 picture.

Unfortunately, Brad Steiger does not include the photo in his book and does not indicate how this story ended.

Lost time and getting over a locked door

Another story is also associated with a mysterious time travel. She was told by an anonymous Internet user and assured that all this is true. In 1976, he said, he served in the US Army and was stationed at the Fort Lewis garrison in Tacoma, Washington.

One evening at 9 o'clock he went out into the city to meet with a friend, but he did not have a watch with him and he went to a nearby cinema to find out the time.

But when he approached the building, his vision suddenly blurred, his legs became lethargic and he almost fell.

Then this strange event happened. I managed to get to my feet, rubbing my head, it became easier for me, but the pain in my head did not go away. I stood in the lobby of the cinema in front of the ticket office and the girl asked what happened to me. I looked at her and I didn't know what to say, the pain in my head was throbbing, but when I began to approach her, an expression of fear appeared on her face.

“What time is it?” I asked her, but she continued to look at me with fear and said that I had better leave, otherwise she would call the police. And I felt so strange, it's hard to explain. I continued to stand there and several minutes passed.

The girl went to the back room. I heard her talking to someone there. Then a tall strong guy came out of there, came up to me and pushed me out the door into the street. He followed up and told me to get out where I came from. And I absolutely did not understand what was happening.

I stood in the street and rubbed my head, and then I looked up and saw the word "Closed". And the clock was well past midnight! The guy and the girl were still in the room and looked in my direction and the guy then came to the door, opened it and told me that if I didn't leave right away, he would kick my ass.

And when I started to leave, I heard him tell me after me that he didn’t know how I got through the closed door, but I’d better not come back.

My headache gradually went away, of course, I never met my friend that evening."