Trapped In The "land Of Demons"

Video: Trapped In The "land Of Demons"

Video: Trapped In The "land Of Demons"
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Trapped In The "land Of Demons"
Trapped In The "land Of Demons"
Trapped in
Trapped in

In the middle of the nineteenth century, an amazing event happened, according to eyewitnesses, in the British Isles. It is described in detail in a book by the English ethnographer E. Heartland, published in 1891.

A peasant once went to look at his sheep grazing in the meadow. And disappeared. He returned to his home only three weeks later. By that time, the search for his corpse had ceased.

Heartland gives the following detail: in response to questions from his fellow countrymen who were excited by his return, the peasant muttered like a groovy one - they say that he was not at all for three weeks, but for some, according to his personal feelings, three hours.

And that's what happened to him. The peasant went out to the meadow where the sheep were wandering, playing some uncomplicated motive on a homemade flute as he walked. He was a self-taught musician, he could not imagine his life without a pipe. And suddenly he was surrounded by little men, who took the peasant in a tight ring.


According to him, they began to sing and dance. Their singing and dancing had a magical effect on the musician. In spite of his will, he kept playing and playing the pipe and could not stop. When the little people were amused, they said goodbye to him, and it seemed to the peasant that he entertained them for no more than three hours. While in fact many days have passed.

In the "Rough Notebooks" of our great poet Alexander Pushkin one can find the following mysterious entry: "The groom has been missing for three years; his bride learns that she must spend three nights in the forest in an empty hut in order to get him. He finds a hut, walks around it, hears his voice, but does not see the entrance - he sees: the move of devils, between them and he plays the pipe."

Here, Pushkin gives in a lapidary concise form the very core, the quintessence of folk ideas that a parallel world, in which a wide variety of evil spirits live, is somewhere nearby - somewhere literally close to our world. And this wonderful world, in principle, can be penetrated.

Such a story about penetration there is given by M. Azadovsky in his monograph “Russian Fairy Tales in Karelia. Old records ". The woman went in search of her missing husband. The local sorcerer advised her to look for the lost man in the "land of demons". And here are the miracles: he clearly and distinctly told her how to get into that country.

The woman well remembered everything that the sorcerer said. She did as he said, and … In short, she disappeared out of the blue without knowing where, and when she returned from this unknown, in the most persistent form she assured her fellow countrymen that she had been in the "land of demons."


According to her, there in front of her “there were thousands of them in rows; all dresses are one-faced, as if from one shoulder, it is impossible to distinguish them from one another”.

In the famous collection of Zinoviev, there is a story about an incident with a young woman from the village of Bota, Chita region, who, according to local residents, once disappeared in broad daylight. The woman went with buckets to the river for water and did not return. The search for the missing woman was in vain.

Two months later, the husband of the disappeared, leaving his hut, locked the outer door with a padlock. And when, two hours later, he returned home and unlocked the door, he found his wife, who had long disappeared without a trace, in the hallway of the house. The woman lay unconscious on the floor. The man raised a cry, to which the neighbors came running.

Peasant woman Evdokia Ryumkina recalls:

- I was little then, I also went to look.

Ryumkina heard with her own ears the story of the disappeared that the goblin took her with him and that she lived with the goblin. Ryumkina is a real witness to the incident, in the reliability of which she personally has not the slightest doubt.

Onchukov, from the words of witnesses of the anomalous event, wrote: from the village of Kuya on the shores of the White Sea "the goblin took the girl to Zimna Zolotitsa, thirty miles away." Zimna Zolotitsa is a wooded area of a deserted coast.

One peasant was riding a reindeer sleigh along a sled road through Zimna Zolotitsa. Suddenly he hears a woman's cry came from the thicket. He looks, and there, behind the bushes, a girl sits on a stump and sobs. The peasant grabbed her into an armful and brought her home.

It turned out that the girl had disappeared from Kui no more than two hours ago, and there they had already started looking for her. The girl claimed that the goblin carried her away. He grabbed it under the arm and carried it away through the air …

P. Rybnikov, in turn, included in his three-volume book, well-known to all folklorists, a bylich written by him at the end of the 19th century in the village of Seredka on the banks of the Onega River. Shortly before Rybnikov's arrival in Seredka, a small child disappeared from this village. In the literal sense of these words, he melted into thin air. The search for the missing person led nowhere.

The villagers told the folklorist:

- About two months later the peasant Leonty Bogdanov walked out of the forest and, approaching the house, saw: someone swaying at the gate. Lo and behold, a baby is sitting on the gate … While Leonty Bogdanov was chilling, reasoning, the boy disappeared from sight.

So, the child suddenly appears a short time after two months after his disappearance. Bogdanov notices the baby sitting, surprisingly, at the gate. Then the child disappears again - now finally, forever.

Well, as if the evil spirits, gaping, missed at some point what was stolen by it. And the baby was immediately attracted to his native village like a magnet. But the next second, the evil spirits seemed to come to their senses, recollecting themselves, and again snatched the baby. Now it is irrevocable.

Pay attention: the child disappeared twice, instantly dissolved in the air. According to eyewitnesses, UFOs or ghosts often disappear from scratch. Literally instantly melted like smoke. The analogy suggests itself.

The impression is that homogeneous technologies are used here, similar mechanisms of communication between worlds are turned on, the same - of a single sample - channels connecting parallel worlds are working.


The book of the Italian ethnographer E. Biocca tells about the fate of the white woman Elena, abducted by the Indians. The woman lived for many years with their tribe in the Brazilian jungle. She told the ethnographer, in particular, the following episode from her life in an Indian tribe:

- Once a boy came out of the hut and disappeared. They searched for the boy for three days. On the fourth, they decided to go to the place where one small stream originates. And there the parents saw the missing boy. He was sitting on a tree trunk. Mother called him. The kid looked back and fell into the water. They ran to the trunk, but there was no one there.

On the sixth day, the sorcerers announced that the boy had been stolen by the river spirits - amahini. These amahinis are little people. The next day, everyone again went to look for the baby. The father and mother saw that the baby was sitting in the same place. The baby's father imperceptibly crept up behind him, jumped and grabbed his son in his arms.

It turned out that the Amahini whipped the baby with vines all the time. His back, arms and back were all in crimson stripes. The boy grew up, but he did not remember anything of what happened to him.

The child was at that time about three years old, and he was absent for more than six days. Where was he? What did you eat for six days?

Let's return to the story about the observation of the disappearance of a little boy by Leonty Bogdanov from the village of Seredka. Let's say his story is not a figment of fantasy. In this case, the question arises: how did the earthly baby manage to survive for two months in some, say, a parallel world? What did you eat there?