Stories About People Getting Caught In A Time Loop

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Video: Stories About People Getting Caught In A Time Loop

Video: Stories About People Getting Caught In A Time Loop
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Stories About People Getting Caught In A Time Loop
Stories About People Getting Caught In A Time Loop

There are actually a lot of these stories. People feel how time around them has undergone a deformation and what happens around them or with them has happened many times

Time Loop Stories - Time, Deja Vu, Matrix, Glitch, Time Loop
Time Loop Stories - Time, Deja Vu, Matrix, Glitch, Time Loop

The time loop as a phenomenon is described in many science fiction stories and represents a person or a group of people trapped in a cycle of events that repeat themselves over and over again.

The time loop is best shown in the movie. Groundhog Day, in which the character of Bill Murray wakes up on the same day every morning and has to relive it over and over again.

But if you believe the stories of eyewitnesses, this happens not only in science fiction and in films, but can also happen in real life.

There are actually a lot of these stories. People feel how time around them has undergone a deformation and what happens around them or with them has happened many times. Sometimes people have a feeling of slowness of time or even a complete stop.

Endless park

One of these stories was published on the Reddit website. An eyewitness walked with his wife through a large park, which was located near a row of town houses. It was because of the line of houses visible behind the trees that the eyewitness's wife was the first to notice that something was wrong.

“We were walking and suddenly my wife turned around and said to me with a laugh,“They all repeat and repeat!”I asked what was the matter, and she said that the houses on the left edge behind the trees are constantly the same and repeat all the time while we walk through the park.

I joked that in that case we would never reach the end of the park and I would die of a bursting bladder (I really wanted to go to the toilet). However, my wife didn't laugh and she looked really worried.

We continued to walk and even then I noticed that no matter how much we walked forward, we seemed not even a meter closer to the opposite edge of the park. I even got the feeling that we seem to be standing still or in a video game.

Approximately every 5-10 minutes of walking, the same objects appeared next to us: a pile of rubbish near a tree on the right, an orange traffic cone next to a white and brown staircase by the road, a white car parked by the side of the road.

At first I decided that this was some kind of illusion that arose simply from the fact that the houses behind the trees in general were standard and of the same type. And I was not nervous, continuing to joke that we were stuck in the circle of time and that the future for us will never come again. However, in my heart I felt very uncomfortable and the further, the more."


The eyewitness and his wife finally decided to stop and see what would happen, but then they had another problem, for some reason it was very uncomfortable for them to stand and they felt a strong need to move forward. They also felt that the time around them seemed to stand still, there was no breeze or sound, and the air was as viscous as if they were under water.

They decided to keep going forward and spent another half hour walking, but again they never made it to the end of this very small park. And only after some time, they finally managed to notice the first changes in the houses on the left edge - houses of a different type finally appeared there. After that, time seemed to return to its usual course and the couple finally reached the end of the park and to their home.

“This walk was supposed to take at most 5 minutes, but we spent almost an hour on it. It all seemed completely unrealistic. I used to read about the strangeness of the time, but I myself did not believe in all this."

Deja vu

Another bizarre story was posted on the Lipstick Mystic website by a woman driving down the street in her hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania, when she suddenly found herself in a sticky and short cycle of times.

“It happened two years ago when my friend and I were driving through the city and stood in front of a red traffic light near a bicycle shop. And then I saw a strange thing. A young man in bright clothes came out of the bicycle shop and got into a car parked by the side of the road.

I turned to my friend to say something to him and when, after a couple of seconds, I looked again in the direction of the bike shop, the same guy in bright clothes came out again and got behind the wheel of his car again. It would be simply impossible for him to return to the store from the car and get out of there again in those few seconds!"

Such "glitches" are now often referred to as "glitch in the Matrix", as this film showed the same phenomenon with a passing cat. And there was also given an explanation for this deja vu "It means a failure in the Matrix when the program is changed."

Whether we really live in the Matrix is a separate question, but similar failures have happened to other people.


A family stuck in a time loop

This story was also published on the Reddit website.

“In 2008, my parents, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother and aunt drove in the same big car down the highway from St. Louis to South Carolina to visit my uncle. When they got to Asheville, North Carolina, something changed. My dad saw the exit to a gas station and drove there to replenish the gas supply, and then they again drove onto the highway and drove on.

But after 20 minutes they drove past the same exit to a gas station again. They were all surprised and did not understand how it happened. Maybe it was a different trip? No, exactly the same. They did not stop, they just looked at each other and continued to drive on.

And after 20 minutes they drove past the same exit to a gas station again! Here everyone was already worried, how could this happen, because they did not turn off anywhere, they drove straight, and there were no turns.

This was repeated two more times, after which they finally managed to "break" out of the time circle. After that, they joked that they would never go to Asheville again."

Two cases with a student

Some researchers of anomalous phenomena believe that this happens due to disruptions in the Earth's magnetic field. But it is possible that individuals can cause these glitches too.

The next story happened to a college student who was sitting by the side of the road in his car reading a textbook while preparing for exams.

“And suddenly I noticed that the events around me were exactly repeated at least twice. The same city bus with the same number on board passed by and the same passenger was sitting there by the window.


When the bus passed the second time, I noticed in the background a woman with a baby carriage walking along the sidewalk, pushing the carriage with one hand and holding a smartphone with the other and reading something in it.

I was distracted by the book and leafed through it for five minutes, and then raised my head and everything was exactly the same again. A bus passed, and the same lady with a stroller and a smartphone in one hand passed in the background.

And this was repeated 5 or 6 times before I finally realized that I was observing a paranormal activity. I took out my phone and wrote to my friend what happened to me now. And his reaction was unexpected. He was not joking, but very seriously replied "Get out of this place immediately, you are stuck in a time loop." Then I got really scared and left there. After that, the cycle around me did not repeat."

Some time later, another story happened with the same guy, and it was also related to a time failure.

I woke up at 7:37 am, and since my alarm was at 8:00, I just rolled over and dozed off again. After a while, I opened my eyes and felt well slept and rested. But when I glanced at my watch, the same 7:37 was there again, and it wasn't a glitch.

I decided to get up and dress a little. At 10:37 (again this repeating number 37) I went into my gym, worked out a little on the apparatus there (it felt like ten minutes), and then looked at my watch again. It was 10:37 there. Then I decided that it was all about a failure. But then, in my eyes, the figure changed to 10:38. The clock was running perfectly fine."