Test Pilot Marina Popovich: "I Can't Help But Believe In UFOs"

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Video: Test Pilot Marina Popovich: "I Can't Help But Believe In UFOs"

Video: Test Pilot Marina Popovich: "I Can't Help But Believe In UFOs"
Video: 全力坂 in 新宿 2023, September
Test Pilot Marina Popovich: "I Can't Help But Believe In UFOs"
Test Pilot Marina Popovich: "I Can't Help But Believe In UFOs"

Test pilot Marina Popovich: "I can't help but believe in UFOs." She believes in little green men. Precisely because more often than anyone else, I felt their presence nearby … She is Marina Popovich. Test pilot, author of 101 world aviation records, air force colonel, full member of five academies of sciences.

Marina Lavrentievna, enthusiastic people with an impulsive psyche often talk about "flying saucers". You, apparently, do not belong to them


- I hope, and therefore I affirm only what I saw with my own eyes and heard from people I respect - sane and not inclined to write.

Have you ever seen a UFO with your own eyes?

- Yes, and more than once. For the first time I saw something strange in the sky in 1986. Then my daughter Oksana and I, while on an expedition to the Pamirs, saw an "extra" star in the constellation Ursa Major. She was brighter than other stars and grew in size. Soon this "satellite", as we initially decided, turned into a ball of fire, put forward a green beam, and then with jerks left.

Another time, together with my husband, we observed a huge "balloon" hanging at a height of ten kilometers. The Tu-154 flying by against it seemed like a fly. The gigantic object and the plane were traveling at the same height with the same speed. There have been no such balloons - a kilometer long - in the history of technology. And the strange object could not be a cloud: it wrote out a clear trajectory parallel to the plane's track.

“I have no doubt you have seen strange objects. But were they certainly aliens?

- UFO - unidentified flying objects. It follows from the concept itself that it is not possible to identify them with anything known. Of course, not every glow in the sky is necessarily an alien spaceship. The head of the laboratory of one of the military institutes, candidate of technical sciences, engineer-colonel Vitaly Kharaberyush, having investigated about seven hundred cases of UFO sightings, attributed no more than ten percent to unidentified objects. All the rest are the remnants of rockets, balloons, balloons, glowing swamp gases.

Let's talk about these 10%. What gives you confidence in the veracity of their existence?

- I can't help but trust my fellow pilots. Many of them have seen strange things in the sky more than once. But until the end of the 80s, they kept quiet - they were afraid to get a biased examination by a psychiatrist with a guaranteed suspension from flights.

Here is what the USSR pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, head of the Military Academy named after V. I. Zhukovsky Vladimir Kovalenok: while in low-earth orbit in 1981, he saw through the window a certain object in the form of a dumbbell. An unusual body flew nearby, then collapsed and exploded, after which two round clouds of white smoke were formed. At this moment, the onboard equipment of the spacecraft recorded an outbreak of radioactivity. According to Kovalenok, this object could not have been the work of human hands.

At one time, General Vasily Alekseev was ordered by the Air Force to record any information about UFOs. He told me about many cases of objects hovering over the Chkalovsky airfield.

At one time I worked with a former fighter pilot, regiment commander Nikolai Osaulenko. Once, flying around the state border, he saw his "fellow traveler" - a huge ball shining with multi-colored lights. Osaulenko reported the incident to Earth. But, as soon as the command “Shoot down!” Came from the Earth, the object disappeared - both from the field of view of the pilots and from the radar screen. After landing, Nikolai Evgenievich compared his impressions of the anomalous object with the data recorded by the dispatcher who monitored the flight - the speed varied from zero to 2000 km / h, abrupt course changes left no doubt: an object of extraterrestrial origin.

Does this mean that such objects contain intelligent beings, and certainly superior to us in development?

- It is still difficult to say whether these are manned vehicles. Even if they were created by extraterrestrial intelligence, I personally have never met the presence of such. Although the testimonies of other people, quite respected and serious, I have.

For example, the former US Air Force Commander Wendel Stevens, now one of America's leading ufologists, took part in attacks on UFOs, was shot down and ejected by them, and, among other pilots, evacuated alien biorobots that had crashed on a "flying saucer" in New Mexico.

This story made a lot of noise, but many doubt its veracity

- Nevertheless, it is true. Wendel Stevens gave me his books and films with specific cases of UFO sightings and contact with them. Knowing the person who presented these facts, I cannot help but trust him. It is curious that $ 1 million was spent on verification of the authenticity of the facts set forth in Wendel Stevens' film "Contact". You need to know the attitude of Americans to money in order to agree: such funds are not spent on trifles.

They say that our military and special services spent no less Americans on research into the UFO problem?

- Our leaders can also be understood: after all, the unpredictable behavior of incomprehensible objects in the sky and space could pose a threat to pilots and astronauts.

Fighter pilot Vladimir Burelomov performed a night training flight with firing practice. There was a target in the air that he had to destroy. Burelomov found and identified the target, captured and reached the line of attack, but before opening fire he saw a large spot on the radar screen moving in the direction of the target. In a moment, this spot covered the target, and the attack was thwarted. By the way, the object disabled the equipment of all the aircraft that participated in the shooting that night and the airfield equipment, so it is impossible to write off the phantom as the pilot's upset imagination.


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