A Resident Of Poland Told How He Twice Met Aliens On The Lake

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Video: A Resident Of Poland Told How He Twice Met Aliens On The Lake

Video: A Resident Of Poland Told How He Twice Met Aliens On The Lake
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A Resident Of Poland Told How He Twice Met Aliens On The Lake
A Resident Of Poland Told How He Twice Met Aliens On The Lake

An unnamed resident of Warsaw, Poland shared a rather strange experience and relevant reasoning the other day. Six years ago, something very unusual happened to him, which completely changed his view of the world

A resident of Poland told how he twice met aliens on the lake - aliens, aliens, reptilian, lake, Poland
A resident of Poland told how he twice met aliens on the lake - aliens, aliens, reptilian, lake, Poland

A Reddit user from Poland told a story that happened to him six years ago. Then he twice, with a break of two weeks, saw newcomers on different Polish lakes, when he was resting there with friends.

The first meeting took place when the author, together with a group of friends, rented a small house in the village of Danovski on the shores of Lake Blizno in order to celebrate the birthday of one of his friends there.

“On the first day nothing unusual happened, and the next morning we woke up and decided to go boating. There were six of us, two for a kayak.

Lake Blizno, Poland


At some point, we drove into one area of the lake, where our kayak simply froze and we could not budge, no matter how we tried, we rowed, but nothing helped, as if some force did not allow us to move.

After about five minutes, we gave up all attempts. After a while, it passed, and we could swim further, but we were so scared that we returned to the shore.

Two hours later the weather changed, it started raining heavily and I saw on the surface of the lake, in the place where we were "stuck", a huge geometric pattern created from water. He stayed there for about an hour and then disappeared. (A few years later, I discovered that there are devices that generate very very high frequencies and this can affect the shape of the water).

In the evening we sat, relaxed and grilled meat. From about 10:00 pm to 3:00 am, my friend and I sat and talked, looking at the surface of the lake. At about 3 am, three white shining figures, similar to Gray Aliens (pulsing with bright LED light!) Came out from under the water - we watched this phenomenon for about 30 minutes - we were horrified.

We wanted to record this on video, but our phones did not work, although they charged regularly. I tried to establish some kind of telepathic contact with them - at first I sent them positive thoughts, but there was no reaction.

When I started sending them negative thoughts, the glow of their bodies began to dim and they began to smoothly approach us (as if they were floating above water). After a while, we saw that they were hiding behind the trees, and suddenly their glow disappeared.

An interesting fact is that besides me, my best friend and the birthday boy, another friend of ours saw the same thing as we did, but he said that he was frightened, could not look at them and … went to bed.


Later, people tried to explain to us, saying that we probably saw fishing boats - but this is complete ignorance - we saw 3 transparent white and pulsating LED light creatures, similar to people, about 1, 60 cm tall, with long arms and thin white bodies. gray.

When they hid behind trees about 80 meters away from us, suddenly a large purple-red light (circular in shape, about a few meters in diameter) shot into the sky where they were - this lasted for several seconds. A deafening silence reigned, and then we heard as if something was moving with great speed and the tree broke, and after a few seconds the sound became the same, but much closer.

A few moments later, out of nowhere, a white cat appeared in front of us, looking straight into our eyes, and a moment later another white cat came out of the bank - she just stood and looked at us directly in the eyes.

It was already about 4 o'clock in the morning and suddenly the situation changed dramatically. One of our friends, who was quite drunk, began to behave aggressively towards another member of our group and then there was a quarrel between them, because of which the owner of our house woke up and told us all to get out of here.

At about 5 o'clock in the morning we ordered a taxi and returned to the city. Nothing strange happened to us anymore.

Another story happened two weeks later at another friend's birthday party in Gibi, also Poland, on Lake Gieret. We arrived at the place at about 19:00 to a cottage located on the shore of this lake. At about 9:00 pm, we were standing on the pier with a group of about 10 people, and suddenly a large white ball appeared next to us, several meters in size, shining with a powerful white LED light.

Lake Gieret, Poland


He did not make a sound, he just hovered over the water two meters from us. When I noticed this and called people - "Look, what the hell is this ?!" - Someone replied, "Maybe it's a police boat," but I answered: "What kind of boat, it's a white ball that floats above the water." Then the ball suddenly went out and disappeared.

Everyone scattered in fear, except for me and one of my friends. My friend put his hands up and said he wanted to leave here. I said that he was a moron and then took him into the house.

Nothing unusual happened until early morning.

At about 4: 30/5: 00 o'clock I looked out the window and there, about fifty meters from us, by the forest road by the tree there was something like a reptilian. He was much taller and better built than those Grays. About 190 cm tall, brown skin, well-built body and black eyes.

Above his head was hovering what, judging by the old Christian paintings, I would call a halo. He just stood and stared motionlessly at the window in which I was. I called two friends in the house and they said they saw him too.

It looks like he was trying to disguise himself as the color of the tree next to him, but he was still clearly visible.

Interestingly, after 15 minutes I had an argument with my best friend, with whom I never had any arguments, until I left the cottage, I was angry and devastated. I left the house, jumped over the fence and walked in the direction where I saw the reptilian, but he had already left.


A moment later, a friend with whom I had a falling out came out after me, apologized and begged me to come back. He told me: "You behaved stupidly, didn't you see what was standing there ?!" I came back with him. The next day, at about 12 noon, we left the city, and until then, apart from the UFOs seen in the sky, I had no more such encounters.

Two years later, when I was living in Warsaw, I met a guy who went to this lake to see his grandfather, and he told me stories that people and animals die there under unexplained circumstances, and the police often do not find bodies., and bodies do not appear on the surface of the lake even after several months. This allegedly happens on a regular basis.

He also said that when they once went to the lake with sonar, there was something very large in the middle of the lake. I don't know much about sonar, but he said that on their sonar screen, they saw something so large that it took up the entire screen.

After that, a certain picture began to take shape for me:

1) They (aliens) appear in small settlements where there are almost no people.

2) They are interested in rather large lakes.

3) Both cases occurred around 4-5 am, when most ordinary people are fast asleep. (Except for that white ball floating above the water, which appeared in the evening).

4) Settlements near the lake are located at a distance of 100 km from each other.

5) In both cases, there were situations when people from our company began to aggressively argue and quarrel with each other, which had never happened between us before. As if something was affecting us.

Since then, I regularly read reports of disappearances from those places, studied the history of the lakes, even read forums about fishing to find something.

In addition to the fact that the fishermen wrote that for several years in Lake Blizno in the village of Danovski the fish disappeared almost to zero, and in Gibi people and animals regularly die under unexplained circumstances, I did not find there reports of UFOs.

If anyone lives in these areas or has been there, had a similar experience and would like to talk to me about it, please contact me. I had to share this experience because it has been sitting in my head every day for several years since then, and it completely changed my view of the world."