Bigfoot From Pakistan

Video: Bigfoot From Pakistan

Video: Bigfoot From Pakistan
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Bigfoot From Pakistan
Bigfoot From Pakistan
Bigfoot from Pakistan
Bigfoot from Pakistan

Raju, a 20-year-old resident of the Pakistani mountain village of Haripura, ran into Bigfoot! According to Raju, leaving the house, he heard strange sounds coming from the bushes near the dwelling.

“Suddenly, a large creature appeared from there, covered with thick black hair, which snarled at me,” the young man said.

The male Bigfoot had a monkey face and was exceptionally robust. “The monster rushed at me and scratched me, and I screamed and ran into the house,” Raju told reporters.


The uncle of the young man, 47-year-old Mohammad Shafi, with all the household, ran out to cry. The stranger began to growl at them too, and then, as if reluctantly, turned and went into the garden, where he was hiding.

Shafi said the men grabbed torches and began combing the neighborhood of the house. Only then did the creature escape from the apple orchard. According to eyewitnesses, Bigfoot made high and sharp screams as he ran.

Residents of the village of Haripura, concerned about the appearance of a mysterious creature, now keep their livestock locked up and forbid children to go far from their homes.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Pakistan, India, the authorities of the Western Garo Hills District have begun to officially check the reports of local peasants that a mysterious monster resembling Bigfoot has wound up in their area. The peasants call the monster mande burung, which means the man of the jungle.

Experts will have to establish the veracity of the stories of local residents about the hairy giants, which they have seen over the past few years, but especially often in the last month. One of the eyewitnesses claims that while collecting firewood in the forest, he saw a whole family of Mande Burungs: two adults and two cubs. According to him, the animals are huge and heavy and are completely covered with black-brown fur, and they seem to wear hats on their heads. The peasant saw them from a distance of 30-40 meters.

A local resident Nebilson Sangma encountered an ominous furry creature in the jungle while hunting. According to Sangma, the creature was erect, like a human, and its rookery looked like a hut. "Bigfoot" often crawled out of him to graze in the banana bushes.

“After overcoming the initial shock, my brother and I watched this big hairy creature for three days in a row,” he said.

A few days later, another eyewitness, Deepu Marak, captured the creature's rookery on film. Hunting experts and biologists subsequently found footprints approximately 50 cm long in the same area, at the foot of the mountain.

Representatives of the local tourist community say they have many photographs of footprints of Mande burungs, their den, as well as samples of their fur, which are planned to be sent for DNA analysis. In addition, the community intends in the near future to offer everyone a tour of the forests of Meghalaya called Catch the Monster.

It is speculated that Mande Burung may be a lowland relative of Bigfoot living in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet.

* * *

Simultaneously with the Indian authorities, a group of American researchers engaged in cryptozoology, the science of relict creatures, will be sent to the United States in search of "their" Bigfoot in the coming days. In search of Bigfoot, members of the expedition, led by Matthew Moneymaker, president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, are going to comb the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and, in particular, Marquette County, whose residents have encountered Bigfoot more often than three other counties in the state where he was also observed."

The last time the mystical Bigfoot, according to an eyewitness, whose story is quoted today by many American publications, appeared in this area.

The upper peninsula, to which the expedition is sent, occupies about a third of Michigan's territory, but only 3% of the state's population live on it.

Members of Find Bigfoot have seen Bigfoots on three of their thirty expeditions across the United States and Canada. They hope that they will at least be able to find local residents who have encountered a huge humanoid creature covered with hair.

Most American scholars consider Bigfoot's existence to be nothing more than a combination of folklore and hoax. Nevertheless, many researchers are sure that the stories about a humanoid creature are true, and they are trying to prove it …

According to cryptozoologist Grover Krantz of the University of Washington, Bigfoot is a gigantopithecus, a branch of ancient humans that lived 3 million years ago …

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