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Is Bigfoot a UFO pilot?
Is Bigfoot a UFO pilot?

What could be the connection between Bigfoot and UFOs? This question will surely cause indignant "snorting" from true cryptozoologists, and their answer will be categorical and unambiguous - NO! However, there are people who claim the opposite, and one should at least listen to their arguments and try to figure out whether there is at least some rational grain in them.


A vague silhouette among the trees

The well-known US researcher of Bigfoot Edward Bilek is sure that the reason for the elusiveness of Bigfoot lies in its direct connection with the UFO phenomenon. Bilek first met the subject of his research more than 20 years ago in Kansas, when he was still a medical student. With a group of his fellow students, Edward went on a hike. Before going to bed, already late in the evening, Bilek walked a couple of tens of meters away from the camp due to need and suddenly saw a huge, vague silhouette of some creature among the trees.

Of course, the first thing he thought was a bear. Someone told him about how bears always start chasing fleeing people, so Bilek, in spite of his fear, did not rush to run, but remained standing still. But this did not save him, the beast inexorably began to approach. The reflections of the campfire burning in the camp soon allowed the young man to more or less consider the approaching creature. It was not a bear, but some hellish mixture of a man and a monkey!

“The creature was about two meters tall,” Bilek recalled later. “The dark thick fur completely covered his body. When I looked closely, I was struck by the expression on his face. and as if “studying.” While Bilek and Bigfoot were looking at each other, the guys in the camp were alarmed by Edward's long absence and went to look for him.

This meeting amazed Edward so much that, even after becoming a doctor, he devoted all his free time to researching the phenomenon of Bigfoot. He managed to collect a lot of factual material about big feet, on the basis of which he made a rather unusual conclusion; the appearance of hominoids is somehow connected with … UFOs.

The most unusual "paratrooper"

He was especially struck by the case, which was reported to Bilek by his acquaintance Luis Kerk, the owner of a small mountain camp site. By phone, Kerk said that he saw a real flying saucer, which, according to him, "dropped" the Bigfoot to the ground. It happened in the early morning, Louis was awakened by the furious barking of dogs. He looked out the window and saw a flat, silvery disc hovering over the forest.

A strange sound, reminiscent of a buzzer, was heard from the direction of the UFO. After hanging a little, the disk emitted two bright beams: one up, the other down. It seemed to Kirk that an oblong object flashed in the light of the lower beam, which fell to the ground. Then the UFO climbed higher above the forest and, instantly picking up speed, disappeared into the sky.

Tormented by curiosity, Louis did not long struggle with the temptation to find out what kind of "package" fell into the forest. Taking a gun, just in case, he and the dog went in search of her. The dog behaved unusually, it, bursting with barking, literally dragged the owner towards the forest.

He didn't have to look long. An unusual circle, like burnt grass and vegetation, unambiguously said that it was in this place that a UFO was hovering. Near the circle, Kerk found some debris. Something resembling a cylinder fell apart on impact on the ground, and traces of these fragments led into the forest …

Taking his gun at the ready, Louis followed the tracks and after a few meters, on a small bald patch with soft soil, he saw a clear imprint of a huge barefoot human foot.

Kerk did not dare to pursue the owner of such a "graceful leg", returning to the base, he called Bilek and the American UFO Association. Ufologists, no doubt, were on the wiretap, since the first to arrive at the scene were the military, who cordoned off the forest adjacent to the camp site.

Of course, after their "erasure", except for a burnt circle, nothing remained in the forest. Although the officer who interrogated Kirk was strictly forbidden to talk about the incident, information about him has already become the property of researchers. But, alas, having examined this place two days later, they did not find anything.

Protected by UFOs

In Bilek's archive there are very curious cases related to UFOs. One of them happened in Alaska, in the forests near the small town of Scramble.

The locals here never doubted the real existence of the Bigfoot, since many hunters either met this creature or saw its tracks. A resident of Scramble, Peter Dore, one day while hunting, unexpectedly saw a hefty, fur-covered man in the bushes.

Out of fright, he wanted to shoot him, but then "something squeezed his head." The pain was so intense that Peter dropped his gun and clasped his head in his hands and fell. Rolling on the ground in pain, he noticed an orange ball about ten meters in diameter a few tens of meters above him.

The ball glowed with some kind of pulsating light. Fearing the attack of a wild man, Dore looked in his direction, Bigfoot was still standing in the bushes, he was staring at the UFO. When the ball soared into the sky with great speed and disappeared, the hominoid turned around and quickly retreated into the depths of the forest.

In Latin America, some ufologists believe that there is some kind of connection between UFO and congodrilo (one of the local names for Bigfoot). Often the meeting of people with these mysterious creatures was preceded by a UFO sighting. Ufologists talk about cases when congodrilos were seen walking next to nlonauts, and hominoids were observed near landed flying saucers.

They also talk about absolutely fantastic cases. Once a "hairy" was seen flying in a transparent glowing orange ball. There was a case when an elderly woman, who went out into the yard because of the furious barking of dogs, saw a shaggy ape-like man on the top of a palm tree, which, when she appeared, suddenly turned into a glowing orange ball that disappeared into the sky …

Eleanor and the hairy giant

One of the latest cases, which, according to Bilek, further tilts the balance in favor of his hypothesis, happened with Eleanor Bugson.

Late in the evening, a young woman was driving along the highway, suddenly she noticed a luminous ball high above the road, which was slowly approaching, increasing in size. Suddenly, the car's engine stalled (a typical phenomenon when cars approach UFOs), trying to start the car, Eleanor no longer looked at the sky, she was not up to a strange object. When her attempts were unsuccessful, the girl went out onto the road, and it was then that she heard a strange ringing sound.

It seemed that along with this sound, a chilling fear grew in her chest, which instantly turned into real horror when she noticed a creature walking towards her on the road. A giant, under 2, 5 meters in height, overgrown with hair humanoid creature was very close, in panic, Eleanor rushed about, screamed, tried to get into the car again.

However, the monster walked by without paying any attention to the lee. Soon a flaming ball hovered over him, there was a flash, from which the girl closed her eyes. Opening them, she did not see either a monster or a UFO.

No doubt there is some kind of connection between UFOs and Bigfoot. Of course, Edward Bilek's opinion that hominoids are aliens from outer space clearly leads us into the realm of pure (not science!) Fiction. We must try to find some more plausible explanation.

Nightmare AWOL

I had at my disposal an extremely curious letter from V. Chekulaev, who personally observed Bigfoot in the mid-70s and drew very unusual conclusions from this meeting. Here is his letter:

"When I read reports about the appearance of Bigfoot, Nessie or UFOs, one memory always comes to my mind. It was in the winter from 1975 to 1976. I served in the Air Defense Forces. I will definitely not name the place, just in the hope that there Someone else is still defending the Motherland, I can only say that it was in the North-West of the USSR.

In the spring I was already going home and, although everyone, regardless of the length of service, treated very conscientiously to service on alert, sometimes I could afford entertainment in my free time. About three kilometers from us there was a village where we sometimes went to dances (on leave, and more often AWOL). That night, after lights out, the three of us, having previously smoothed and cleaned ourselves, were heading there.

It was necessary to go along a path through the forest (and not some virgin, deaf, but simply through open woodland, which can only be called a forest conditionally). It was quiet, only the snow crunched underfoot. One of us had a flashlight in his hands. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, we heard a noise from behind (not footsteps, but an incomprehensible noise).

We stopped, and my friend shone a flashlight into the darkness. What we saw personally (and the others too) plunged me into panic. On the path a dozen steps away from us, a strange creature rushed about.

The lantern at this distance barely dispelled the darkness, but I still saw a huge monkey (or a tall man overgrown with hair). Shaggy red skin, very long arms and very short (or crooked?) Legs. Perhaps, I did not consider anything else.

Fear … It came, in my opinion, not from what he saw, but from the inside - as if a piece of ice had appeared in the stomach. My friends felt the same. In any case, we rushed to run somewhere, without making out the road, through the snow and drifts. And this creature did not pursue us and did not show any aggressiveness at all. Moreover, for some reason it seemed to us that it itself was in a panic (we discussed this later).

We came to our senses already far from the place, did not even know where we were carried. There could be no question of any dances. We left the forest, somehow figured out in which direction the unit and went there. Already on the way to frequent! we realized that something had happened: an unusual light, some kind of noise (this was unusual for the night time). Of course, it was impossible to go to the checkpoint. We climbed over the fence, but that didn't help either. A combat alert was announced in the unit (not a training alert, but a real one!), Our absence was discovered.

But the most important thing is that an unidentified target (UFO, in other words) was discovered over Petrozavodsk. This was the cause of the battle alarm. This, in fact, is all that I know. I know that it all ended in nothing - the object disappeared. And the three of us were sent straight from the headquarters to the guardhouse. As a result, he served 10 days, lost his lychek and spent the last six months doing earthworks (we had such a "penalty" platoon).

We did not tell anyone about our "vision", but we often remembered about it. Strange coincidence: UFO in the sky and at the same time Bigfoot in the forest. And mind you, a frightened Bigfoot! The thought involuntarily suggests itself: maybe both are links of the same chain? And what if we assume that there was some kind of curvature, a shift in time. And in the same space there were a spaceship from the future and a man-ape from the distant past. And this will explain all the riddles!"

Corridors in time

Well, here's a perfectly reasonable explanation! By the way, there is a hypothesis that our very distant descendants visit us on UFOs from the future. Scientists who tried to imagine what a person would look like in a couple of millennia came to the conclusion that he would have a small stature, a flimsy body and a hefty head. There is a striking resemblance to the descriptions of the so-called aliens!

If the people of the future have actually learned to "punch" corridors in time, then a side effect of the travels of their ships may well be the displacement of our distant ape-like ancestors from the past.

But what if the flying saucers are not our descendants, but real space aliens? UFOs moving near the earth's surface may well cause "breakdowns" in time, and as a result, the appearance of various monsters, including ancient hominoids.

And the Bigfoots are being abducted by aliens

I hope that gentlemen cryptozoologists, after a series of speeches by authoritative military men and scientists, will not deny the reality of the UFO phenomenon itself. Then, finally, for them personally, perhaps, the most digestible and simple explanation of the connection between Bigfoot and UFOs.

Yes, the relict hominoid actually exists for a long time in parallel with Homo sapiens. Aliens, as is known from the numerous people they abducted, are in full swing engaged in some kind of genetic experiments. Of course, Bigfoot became an extremely interesting object for their experiments.

They, like people, kidnap relict hominoids, and after experiments, selection of the biological material they need, they return them to earth. So it turns out that Bigfoot is often seen either next to a UFO, or after its appearance.

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