Ohio Yeti Killed A Group Of Teenagers?

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Video: Ohio Yeti Killed A Group Of Teenagers?

Video: Ohio Yeti Killed A Group Of Teenagers?
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Ohio Yeti Killed A Group Of Teenagers?
Ohio Yeti Killed A Group Of Teenagers?

In the US state of Ohio, there is a whole layer of stories about mysterious hairy creatures that live in local forests and which have been seen both in past centuries and in more modern years

Ohio Yeti killed a group of teenagers? - yeti, bigfoot, Ohio, forest, attack, disappearance, monster, monster, creature, cryptid
Ohio Yeti killed a group of teenagers? - yeti, bigfoot, Ohio, forest, attack, disappearance, monster, monster, creature, cryptid

Minerva Monster

The most famous alleged Ohio yeti is the so-called "Minerva's Monster" or "Huge Man". They were seen near the Ohio River in the 19th century and were described as very large humanoid creatures.

However, only in 1978 an event occurred, after which the whole country learned about the monsters from the Ohio River. It happened in the small town of Minerva in the month of August. Elderly couple Evelyn and Howe Keyton were relaxing in their home while their grandchildren played outside. Suddenly the children ran into the house and they were upset and crying with fear.

"There is a huge hairy beast! It is hiding near a gravel pit!" They shouted.

When the Keytons went outside, they also saw this creature. It was as tall as a tall person and weighed about 90 kg in appearance. It differed from humans in that it was covered with wool from head to toe. The creature soon fled into the woods, but in the following days the Keytons saw it hiding several times in the thickets near the houses of the people.

Then they saw two such creatures on a hill nearby, and then something killed their dog - a German shepherd named Hermann. The Keytons were sure that those creatures had done it, since they found a dog with a curled neck in the branches of a tree, high enough above the ground. None of the local predators did this with their prey.


After that, the Keytons and the other families of Minerva were gripped by fear, but this was only the beginning. A creature or several creatures began to come to the town at night, roam the streets, look into the windows of houses and bang on the walls. Sometimes they started throwing stones at the walls of houses.

Over the course of several weeks, all this was happening not only in Minerva, but also in several other nearby settlements, in particular from the town of Paris, located two miles from Minerva, about 12 reports came about the observation of a stocky hairy bipedal creature that wandered near houses …

In the end, the people could not stand it and all the local hunters armed themselves with large guns and began to comb the forests in search of the monster. True to no avail.

In the meantime, the creature moved to the farming settlements, farmers began to report that it wanders through their fields, and one day it was seen sitting on the roof of a chicken coop. Then motorists began to report the monster, the creature ran across the road right in front of the driving cars.

It was said that it has a piercing cry and can perfectly imitate the cry of a woman and a cry of a child.

The sightings of the beast in Minerva ended as suddenly as they began. The creatures simply disappeared and in subsequent years they were seen only very rarely and not near the houses.

The beast with orange eyes

Another famous hairy monster from Ohio is the "Orange Eyes" creature that lived in the wilds near the Charles Mill Reservoir, near the town of Mansfield. Since 1960, numerous eyewitnesses have come across him and talked about a hairy bipedal giant, three meters or even taller, from which he smelled terribly.

But the worst were his eyes - very large, bright orange and glowing in the dark.

Most often, the creature was seen near the Ruggles Road, which in those years was a popular meeting place for young couples, which earned it the nickname "Lovers Lane". The creature began to frighten everyone who came here, running up to their cars, knocking on the windows and even rocking the cars to such an extent that it would slightly overturn them.


In April 1968, this monster was seen at once by a large group of schoolchildren who went to the forest for an overnight hike. The schoolchildren were not timid - noticing the monster next to their tents at night, they grabbed the flashlights and went straight to it. The monster obviously did not expect such courage and immediately ran away.

Later, a legend arose that the creature used to live in underground tunnels under the old Cleveland's Riverside cemetery, but in the 1940s large-scale construction work was carried out there and during them the tunnels were destroyed. Because of this, the monster climbed to the surface and became very angry with people.

Curiously, another cryptid lives in the area of the Charles Mill reservoir, which may or may not be associated with the Orange Eyes. He is described as a watery humanoid with burning eyes and membranes between his toes.

In March 1959, it emerged from the water and very much frightened three fishermen - Denny Patterson, Wayne Armstrong and Michael Lane. When they told reporters about the monster, the police arrived here and found a strange imprint on the shore of the reservoir, similar to the imprint of a scuba diver's big fin.

However, no one has ever seen scuba divers here, so the secret of the strange imprint and the humanoid has remained unsolved.

Cedar Marsh Monster

And finally, the third mysterious bipedal hairy creature that lives in Ohio is the so-called Cedar Bog Monster. Cedar Marsh is a vast nature reserve near the city of Urbana, founded in 1942 and known as Ohio's first nature reserve.


Soon after the opening of the reserve, tourists began to come here often and they immediately began to report about a bizarre ape-like creature with glowing red eyes.

And in 1945 a group of three teenagers went to the reserve with an overnight stay and … disappeared without a trace. The search engines found their camp, where a car was parked and a fire was made, their backpacks lay nearby, but no traces of teenagers. Popular rumor immediately attributed their disappearance to the attack of the red-eyed monster.

Since then, the reserve has been fenced off with a large fence and it’s not easy to get there now. Rumor has it that the fence was set up not just from violators, but so that the very creature would not get out and wander around human settlements.

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