My Meetings With Beings From The Subtle World. A Story From Our Reader

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Video: My Meetings With Beings From The Subtle World. A Story From Our Reader

Video: My Meetings With Beings From The Subtle World. A Story From Our Reader
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My Meetings With Beings From The Subtle World. A Story From Our Reader
My Meetings With Beings From The Subtle World. A Story From Our Reader
My meetings with beings from the subtle world. Stories from our reader - Stories from our readers, the subtle world, being, esotericism, astral
My meetings with beings from the subtle world. Stories from our reader - Stories from our readers, the subtle world, being, esotericism, astral

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My meetings with beings from the subtle world

Many strange cases happened to me, it would be enough for several posts, but I will try to fit everything in one story.

My family was quite problematic, my mother and father had a row for ten years before the divorce. I myself was a strange child, although now I understand that some of the oddities were caused by Asperger's syndrome, which may also be somehow related to the mystical incidents described below.


I remember strange dreams from my childhood: In one dream I saw a river covered with some kind of transparent film. The landscape was abruptly lost in the fog, on the border of which tall plants could be discerned. The bottom of a lake or swamp was strewn with small round stones, along which something like a red newt with black stripes floated slowly.

The second dream was about 4-5 years old, it was all dark white, with an unpleasant predominance of black contrast. There was something of a village in winter. Near the wall of a house, I saw a man with a deer's head and antlers. He was all black and muscular. He looked at me.

The third dream, however, was altogether unusual. I saw a blood-red forest, and it seemed that the very earth and vegetation emitted such a slightly luminous color. There were also inhabitants in this unusual forest. There lived animals that resembled chimeras of reptiles and insects or Aliens.

I also had meetings with entities.

The very first meeting took place 12-11 years ago, when I was still in the first grade. Lying in bed late in the evening, I noticed a black creature, like a bony creature covered with rubber, appeared a meter away from me. His form was human. It slowly revolved around its axis, and its long and thin fingers twisted around itself, and there was a kind of swirling haze up to the waist.

Surprisingly, I did not feel fear, although this lasted for a whole minute.

The next meeting with a subtle being took place two or three years later. On that day, I was walking from school and passing by the bus stop I noticed out of the corner of my eye a shapeless something that was wrapped in some kind of dirty rags. Needless to say, I didn't see anything with a normal look?

A few more years later, as a fifth-grader, I was leaving the dining room and my attention was attracted by a dark and rather large spot, which almost at the height of the ceiling quickly flew through the beginning of the lobby that I could see. Walking around the corner and looking at the end of the noisy corridor, I naturally did not see anyone.

But the most frightening incident happened in the fall of 2013.

In the morning, waking up, I decided to lie down for another ten minutes (it was Sunday, and then I had to go to my mother to help). It was then that I had a sleep paralysis, with very sad visual effects in the form of the appearance of a disgusting demonic creature against the background of fire. This red monster had half-meter claws and a nasty, toothy muzzle.

There was a tremendous heat and fear.

After that, I still had to lie in bed for two hours, afraid to move, and during that day I walked all over as if sunk into the water. It is worth adding that after this incident, I began to suspect that this was not all for nothing and allowed the possibility of a certain entity sharing with my person.

As time went on, I began to be closely interested in esotericism and even signed up for an Internet mailing list, although later it turned out that it was free only for frivolous tests, and you already had to pay for solid techniques, so I abandoned this business.

A year and a half ago, I already understood for sure that I had a field parasite, because the feeling of anxiety, the outflow of strength and fatigue were constant and persistent. Only in Phase (Astral / WTO), I felt better, fortunately it was full of funny things, for example, playing Rammstein from the wall clock.

It is good that the seeing-healer met on the social network helped. From him, I learned that there really is a connection with the entity, but only in the form of a hookup (I would not write here when I hooked up), and this entity had nothing to do with that red demon, who was just in this form for a portion of fear to visit came.

In general, after a week-long ritual, my new acquaintance removed this inorganic from me. As it turned out, this essence fed on low-frequency energy, mainly robustly amplified my foot fetish to obtain the necessary low-vibration energy (unfortunately, this passion is not as harmless as psychologists say) and as a supplement made me irritable.


The changes did not appear immediately, but they were. The nasty film-fog in front of my eyes disappeared, which I occasionally noticed, as if I hadn't washed my face in the morning. Six months later, the attraction to the fetish, which I loved so much, practically disappeared, and in general there was more awareness and less anxiety.

True, the meetings with mysticism did not end there; on the contrary, they acquired a tactile and auditory character.

A year ago, while sitting at a laptop, I suddenly heard something fall with a metallic knock outside the kitchen window, plus there was some kind of knock. Immediately after that, through the window of my room, which is right behind me, someone seemed to draw their fingers across the glass. And after that, a mouse seemed to rustle under the floor, but I shouldn't have relaxed, because this devilry with a poltergeist culminated in about twenty hits on a metal can standing under the cabinet.

Naturally, after all these meetings with otherworldly inhabitants, only a succubus remained to come to me. And this intricate character did not fail to look at me six months ago! I just woke up that morning in April. I opened my eyes, closed them, and I already see a dream in a semi-conscious state. It was about the game, and in it my favorite tank from the game behaved somewhat strangely, namely, it bit my finger.

At that moment, I felt like someone heavy enough fell on me. With an effort of will, I opened one eye and saw that my mouth was clamped by a dark gray clawed hand. Frankly, at that moment I was more puzzled by an unreal dream than a succubus.

They say that during their attacks, fear or powerful excitement is felt, but he felt only disgust for him like a huge fly. Therefore, it is banal to throw off this muck … and fell asleep again, although another person in my place would have been shocked.

These are the unusual cases. Only it is not clear: Is foot fetish being promoted deliberately for a boost on low-frequency energies? And why do all these essences climb to me from childhood, what is it that attracts them so much in me?

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